Young Boy Distraught As Family Get Rid Of Spider

boy distraught spiderUNILAD

Although there are very few poisonous spiders in Britain, many of us will tremble with fear if we spot one lurking nearby.

Considering they are pretty much harmless, it is ridiculous the amount of times I have screamed for either my parents or my boyfriend to come and remove a creepy-crawly from the house.

Either killing the intruder or quite literally chucking it outside, it honestly didn’t really matter to me what they did as long as the spider was gone. Byeeeeeeeee!

boy distraught spiderUNILAD

Four-year-old Thomas is clearly a better person than me then as he refused to let his mum and aunt kill a spider which they found in his room.

When Thomas’ mum Emma and his auntie Eve discovered the arachnid in his bedroom, he wouldn’t let them kill the creature meaning they decided to throw it outside instead.

But as Eve went to the bathroom window with the spider trapped under a glass, Thomas ran after her in protest yelling ‘stop, stop’ before crying when she reached outside to empty the tumbler.

You can watch what happened in the video below:

Although Eve told Thomas the spider was okay as it ‘will still be alive’, this didn’t help easing his crying. Oh, Thomas!

Speaking to UNILAD, 19-year-old Eve from Birmingham said Thomas’ reaction took both her and his mum by complete surprise.

She explained:

He is a very funny and bubbly child but he does like a whinge when he doesn’t get his own way.

Still, his reaction came to us as a full surprise as he normally asks us to throw spiders away but he has been getting into nature quite a bit after we took him out to the park as the weather was lovely that week.

We didn’t expect him to get upset at all it was never like Thomas to get upset over spiders but to be honest he absolutely loves Batman and he’d been getting into Spider-Man a lot too so I can imagine that was half of it as well.

I don’t know, maybe he thought keeping him around would turn him into Spider-Man too! His mind is so creative it wouldn’t surprise me.

To be fair Eve, I am sure it is worth taking the risk and being bitten by a radioactive spider to gain Peter Parker’s web-slinging super powers.

What kid wouldn’t want to be Spider-Man!

boy distraught spiderUNILAD

When Eve and Emma found another spider in Thomas’ room, this time a lot smaller than the previous intruder, they decided to let him keep it as he clearly had an affection for the creepy-crawlies.

But as Eve added, Thomas actually wasn’t too bothered about his new friend as he didn’t even notice that one day the spider had just disappeared:

Thomas was so content with it but after a while his mum started to get a little creeped out by it so we let him loose in the garden while Thomas was at school.

It’s one of them with him, he’ll love something for about a day and then completely forget about it the next.

And so by the time he’d got back from school, he hadn’t even noticed the spider had gone!

And so Thomas’ friendship with arachnids quickly came to an end…

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