Youngest Siblings Will Be Spoiled Most This Christmas

by : UNILAD on : 24 Oct 2017 14:40

Christmas is finally upon us and according to research there’s one sibling who’ll be getting most spoilt when it comes to opening presents.


Hands up then, who’s there among brothers and sisters noticing who’s getting the most presents? The best gifts?

Hopefully not you – but I imagine there are some people who would notice if one of their siblings was receiving preferential treatment come Christmas morning.

Anyway, according to the results of a new survey, there’s actually one sibling who’ll be more spoiled than any of the others at Christmas.

Prizes for a correct guess. No, actually, it’s probably obvious: The youngest girl in the family, apparently.

It’s not guaranteed though, not every family is the same after all.

In the poll of 1,000 people in Britain – which was conducted by Give as You Live – 76 per cent said they believed all their siblings were indulged equally at Christmas.

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One in ten people thought the youngest sister received the ‘most gifts’ and that number jumped up to one in four (24 per cent) young people aged between 18 and 24, who said they felt the youngest girl in the family received ‘preferential treatment’.


More than one fifth of Glaswegians said the youngest girl in the family received the most presents and 12 per cent of Londoners agreed.

Only nine per cent of people from Brighton said they felt it was in fact the oldest sister who was the ‘most spoilt’.

Overall, Mancunians were the fairest with a huge 80 per cent believing all gifts were ‘shared equally’ between the siblings.

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This only backs up the whole idea of what’s known as ‘middle child syndrome’, because almost nobody said the middle sibling in their family was most indulged on Christmas Day.

A mere one per cent of people said the middle girl got the most gifts, with only two per cent saying the middle boy was most spoiled.

Remember though, Christmas is not about how many gifts you have under the tree.

Preach over.

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