‘Zombie Infection’ Is A Terrifying And Exhilarating Experience

zombie infection 3Zombie Infection

Let’s face it, stag do’s tend to be terrifying affairs (for the groom-to-be, at least).

Groups get split up, the stag himself usually ends up tied to a lamppost or injured in some way, and everyone ends up like braindead zombies due to the amount of alcohol they’ve consumed.

So maybe that’s why more and more guys are choosing to spend their final days as a single man running away from bloodthirsty fictional undead monsters rather than throwing up in a gutter in Magaluf.

Zombie Infection, a three hour survival of the fittest experience, gives you the chance to live out your dreams/nightmares of what it might be like to be part of The Walking Dead, casually fighting off free roaming zombies with limited resources and weapons.

The only one of its kind in the UK, the Zombie Infection concept started in 2013 in Sheffield, but has since expanded into even more locations in 2016, and now runs events in Liverpool, Nottinghamshire, Leicester and the Wirral.

Sheffield, however, remains the company’s main hub of undead operations.

So, naturally, we wanted to check it out for ourselves. After all, teamwork is kind of our thing so surely getting through a 180 minute zombie apocalypse should be a piece of piss, right?

Well, not so much. The second our three man strong team arrived at the abandoned warehouse, we were immediately separated.

It’s a pretty visceral start to an experience like this, as you immediately become concerned that you may never see your mates again. After all, there’s zombies roaming these halls!

zombie infection 4Facebook/Zombie Infection

Fortunately, our minds were soon taken off that particular issue, when we were taken to the weapons training portion of the event.

After a quick security check, we were trained in using the pistols so we were fully prepared to face the zombies head on.

At this stage, it should probably be pointed out that we weren’t trusted with real guns – this isn’t Donald Trump’s America and, you know, zombies aren’t actually real.

Instead, you’re given replica airsoft weapons which fire a 6mm projectile (bb pellet), which you are properly trained in using before the games begin.

Despite being armed, however, you only get limited ammo and hitting the zombies with the pellets only slows them down for a short while. You didn’t really think things would be that simple, did you?

zombie infection 1Facebook/Zombie Infection

With guns in hand, we were then set free in the dark warehouse with the task of surviving the evening. To say the experience of the zombies roaming around was realistic, would be an understatement. We were all truly terrified throughout the experience.

Besides trying desperately to not get found and captured by zombies, we also had to complete various tasks throughout the night to access different parts of the warehouse. Already hyped up, successfully completing these challenges only filled us with even more adrenaline!

Things got even scarier, however, when one member of our team was actually captured by the zombie hoard. We feared he was a goner at that point but, his quick thinking saved him, as he sprinted away from his undead captors and we were able to find him again.

zombie infection 2Zombie Infection

After a wild three hours, we emerged back into the light of day – exhausted but exhilarated.

And, not to brag, but we finished the infection with no UNILAD deaths. Plus, we were all still mates at the end, which was the main concern going in, given how bizarrely competitive everyone is, especially the boss.

Basically, if you fancy something different ahead of your wedding, or even just for a night out with your mates, you can’t go far wrong here. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good night of living out the plot of a Horror movie?

For more information, and to find out when and where the company are next running events, check out the Zombie Infection website or Facebook page.