What Does Pushing P Mean? Gunna Phrase Explained

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What Does Pushing P Mean? Gunna Phrase Explained
What Does Pushing P Mean? Gunna Phrase Explained (Instagram @gunna)

You can’t have gone far on social media without seeing the phrase 'Pushing P', or the blue, capital “P” emoji, for that matter. So what exactly does it mean? And why is Gunna famous for it?

What does “Pushing P” mean?

According to Gunna, who coined the phrase, 'P' simply means 'player', and 'Pushing P' is when 'everything [you’re] doing' is player-material, basically.


If you’re familiar with the rapper, then you’ve no-doubt heard this phrase crop up on his latest album Drip Season 4Ever, especially on his single, the appropriately-titled Pushing P, which features fellow rappers Future and Young Thug. 

Understandably, the track went viral, and has been featured on the likes of TikTok, Twitter and Instagram. The Pushing P hitmaker spoke on a recent episode of The Breakfast Club, during which he explained the meaning of his signature phrase. 


'It’s simply ‘player’ but you also could just like use it in other ways like, ‘I don’t like what he did, that weren’t P’. 

'It starts with ‘Player’ but then you start ‘Pushing P’, it’s like everything I’m doing is really just P,' he said. 

Urban Dictionary, however, defines the phrase as, 'Slang popularized by Atlanta rapper Gunna which means Pushing Pressure.

'One of the ways you can be Pushing P is by having money or owning things versus renting them.'


How do people use 'Pushing P'?


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It’s no surprise that the phrase 'Pushing P' has taken the social media world by storm. In fact, TikTokers have even made the slang term a focal point for their videos, interpreting the meaning in their own weird and wonderful ways. This has even caught the attention of Gunna, who replied to some TikTokers in the comments. 

Another TikToker shared quite the visual clue as to what they think 'Pushing P' looks like. The social media user superimposed the 'P' emoji on top of a clip of Spongebob Squarepants, where Patrick Star encourages his on-screen friends to push Bikini Bottom somewhere else. 

He captioned his video, “How i’m pushing P all 2022.' 


Check out the side-splitting clip here:

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