The Little Details From Game Of Thrones Episode 3 You Might Have Missed


Warning: Spoilers for the latest episode of Game of Thrones ahead!


We’re getting further into Game of Thrones now, and things are certainly rattling along at a faster pace than we’re used to.

That means that every scene has more importance than ever before.

Naturally, there’s going to be more hints and clues hidden in these scenes that might have gone over your head.

If so, fear not. Here’s a selection of some of the most important details from The Queen’s Justice.

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Jon and Rhaegar connection

I think every Game of Thrones fan worth their weight in Dragonglass knows that Jon Snow is half Targaryen. So when a conversation with Daenerys lands on Tyrion and his chatterbox tendencies, Daenerys said ‘we all enjoy what we’re good at,’ to which Jon replies ‘I don’t’.

Whilst on the surface, this is obviously just a reference to Jon’s prowess at killing, redditor King_Will_Wedge has noticed that it might be a parallel to Jon’s real son Rhaegar.

Back in season 5, Barristan was telling Daenerys about Rhaegar, and said to her:

Rhaegar never liked killing, he loved singing.

Maybe Jon Snow has the dulcet tones of a performer that we never knew he had.

Melisandre heading to Volantis might not be the best news for Varys

Melisandre and Varys haven’t been getting on all too well since they met, and this looks set to continue.

She said in the latest episode that she’s planning to head back to Volantis where the High Priestess will be, but that she would eventually return to Westeros as she would die in this strange land.

Now this seems like a blessing for Varys, but if we remember in season six, High Priestess Kinvara said to him that he had nothing to fear as long as he was an ally to Daenerys.


If Melisandre returns with Kinvara, then he might indeed have double trouble on his hands. Especially because the two seem particularly keen on encouraging Daenerys to burn anyone who crosses her.

Littlefinger is up to something

Before you start to shout that this is obvious because Littlefinger’s been scheming literally for seven seasons, hear me out.

There was a particular moment in the latest episode that stuck out, namely Littlefinger’s reaction to the revelation that all notes that arrive by Raven are noted and stored.


This understandably peaked Littlefinger’s interest, but it’s unclear for what reason.

All I’d say is, just keep an eye out for some serious Littlefinger research in the archives. And whatever the reason, it definitely can’t be good.

Cersei and the Mad King

As though we didn’t need any more connections to draw between Cersei and Aerys, we have another.


The murder of Ellaria and Tyene was certainly brutal, but it also draws parallels with the way that the Mad King killed Rickard and Brandon Stark.

He had Rickard put inside a suit of armor and hung over a fire, where he burnt alive/boiled/cooked.

He then placed a noose around Brandon’s neck and placed a sword just out of his reach, so that Brandon strangled himself to death in an attempt to get free and save Rickard.


This is pretty similar to the death of Ellaria and Tyene at the hands of Cersei.

Cersei had Tyene poisoned and tied up just out of reach of Ellaria, so she had to watch whilst her own daughter died.

What could this be pointing to? Could Cersei suffer regicide at the hands of Jaime, just like Aerys The Mad King? It certainly seems likely.

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The return of Widow’s Wail

Ever since Joffery’s untimely but not unwelcome demise, fans have been speculating about the whereabouts of his sword Widow’s Wail.

The sword is made of Valyrian steel, so is in pretty high demand with those pesky White Walkers making their way down south.


Well it turns out that the Kingslayer himself has the sword.

Little fact here for you: Oathkeeper, the sword that Jaime gave to Brienne, is also Valyrian steel.

That is because Oathkeeper and Widow’s Wail are actually both part of Ned Stark’s old sword Ice. Nice bit of thematic connection throughout Game of Thrones there.


This pretty much confirms that we’re going to see some epic Jaime v White Walker action in future episodes.

That is something I can’t wait for.