50 Cent Stands Behind People As They Say What They Think Of Him

The Jimmy Kimmel Show/ABC

50 Cent has shown that he can take criticism with a smile after a hilarious appearance on The Jimmy Kimmel Show.

Not many people would be brave enough to hear what complete strangers think of them, but confident rapper 50 Cent rose to the challenge.

The In Da Club rapper hides behind a door, watching on a screen while passers by on Hollywood Boulevard are asked what they think about him being crowned ‘The Greatest Rapper of All Time’…

The Jimmy Kimmel Show/ABC

The first person to fall prey is pretty adamant that 50 Cent isn’t that impressive, even expressing some pretty strong views as Fiddy is creeping right up behind him.

Even when 50 Cent reveals himself, the guy is still pretty adamant that Kendrick Lamar is the best rapper of all time… Fair play to him for sticking to his opinion!

The Jimmy Kimmel Show/ABC

The second prank victim isn’t sure that 50 Cent deserves the stunning accolade of Readers Digest ‘Greatest Rapper of All Time’.

However, he soon changes his tune once the world-famous rapper sneaks up beside him, instead declaring him to be ‘number one’.

The Jimmy Kimmel Show/ABC

The third person to be pranked is pretty harsh, and thinks that 50 Cent is washed up, with his best days long behind him.

Luckily, all is forgiven when 50 Cent swoops in for a big friendly hug.

The Jimmy Kimmel Show/ABC

Number four proves more positive, when the unsuspecting fan lists 50 Cent alongside Snoop Dog and Dr Dre as one of his all-time favourite rappers, praising him as an ‘active worker’.

Music to 50 Cent’s ears!

The Jimmy Kimmel Show/ABC

The final person to be pranked rates 50 Cent a so-so 6 or 7 out of 10, but is still pretty excited once the rap star appears.

You can watch the full prank in all its awkward glory in the following footage:

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So maybe watch out next time somebody asks you about your opinion on 50 Cent…