70,000 People Sign Petition To Make Keanu Reeves TIME’s Person Of The Year

by : Julia Banim on : 23 Jun 2019 17:08
Petition to nominate Keanu Reeves as Time person of the year.PA

We are truly living in the age of Keanu Reeves; boyfriend to the internet and owner of the politest pair of ‘manner hands’ you ever did see.

Not only has the 54-year-old actor absolutely smashed it out of the dog park with his performance in John Wick 3, he has also been able to poke fun at himself with a self-deprecating – and hilarious – turn in Netflix rom-com Always Be My Maybe.


With critics heaping praise on Keanu’s portrayal of stuntman Duke Caboom in Toy Story 4, it is surely a matter of time until Twitter cathedrals are erected in his honour.

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Now a Change.org petition has been launched to crown Keanu Time Person of the Year, an accolade previously held by Mark Zuckerberg, Barack Obama and Pope Francis.

The petition was started by a person by the name of Jackson Beem, who has described Keanu as ‘the most wholesome person alive’. Jackson has praised Keanu’s quietly philanthropic nature, noting how the actor has given generously to children’s hospitals and other worthy causes.


According to this petition:

Keanu is the most wholesome person alive, make him the person of the year! Keanu has secretly donated millions of his earnings to children’s hospitals and other charities, and has done amazing things for people in public while ask for nothing in return.

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At the time of writing, the petition has gained over 70,000 signatures, with many ardent campaigners giving impassioned reasons as to why he gets their vote.


One person gushed:

He deserves this award for just being an example of an amazing human being! For him it seems natural-an earth angel-that touches the hearts of many. As a well known actor, he stays humble and loved by many.

Another said:

Keanu Reeves is a wonderful human being and he is everything that we should all aspire to be! What an amazing man. Thank you Keanu for inspiring me and allowing us all to see that humanity is not doomed just yet!

keanu reeves knock knock premiereGetty

Beloved by all, this truly has been Keanu’s year, with his every move documented with the most wholesome of memes. We have even seen Keanu re-imagined as various Disney princes, showing just how highly his ‘perfectness’ is regarded.

In these complex times, there appears to be just one man who can unite people from across political divisions: Keanu Charles Reeves. Make it happen, Time, humanity is depending on it.

If you share similarly strong feelings towards Keanu, you can sign this petition for yourself here.


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