90-Year-Old Woman Performs Striptease On America’s Got Talent


‘You’re never too old to follow your dreams’, said 90-year-old Dorothy Williams as she appeared on America’s Got Talent. ‘I’m going to dance.’ 

I’m not a big fan of competitive television talent shows, but if you’re 90-years-old and want to give something you’re passionate about one last shot in front of a big audience then by all means go for it.

So what was Dorothy so passionate about? Ballroom dancing perhaps? Tap dancing? Maybe even a bit of Salsa?

No. Dorothy was passionate about stripping down to her undergarments and swinging her nipple tassels like there’s no tomorrow.


But fair play to the old gal as she must be in top notch physical condition to be able to swing those tassels the way she did…

Adding a slight touch of melancholia to the occasion, Dorothy, from Hawaii, said: ‘I never got to be a star’.

But on America’s Got Talent, Judge Cannon smashed the golden buzzer and thus a star was born…


Personally, I don’t plan to be doing these sorts of things if I make the big nine oh.

I’d rather be smoking a fine cigar on a fishing boat out on a lake someplace than tearing off Velcro budgie smugglers to reveal my wrinkled manhood.

It just ain’t my scene.