A Dragon Is A Small Price To Pay For This Bit Of Info Jon Snow Learned


Warning: GoT spoilers ahead. Turn back if you’re not up to date on the latest episode Beyond The Wall


Avid Game Of Thrones fans have come up with an ingenious theory as to how the armies of Westeros could deal with their pesky undead problem.

Unless you watched the leak last week (tsk tsk – what would the Seven Gods think?), then you’re probably reeling from the fact that The Night King took down one of Daenerys’s dragons, Viserion – with frightening ease!

If the Night King can take down a fire breathing dragon without breaking a sweat (do the undead even sweat?) then what chance do the meagre forces of Westeros stand?

Quite a good one actually – that’s according to one Reddit user, MasterVelocity. While many viewers might think that Jon and his merry men’s journey beyond The Wall – plus Dany’s mission to rescue them – was more trouble than it was worth (and pick out at the outrageous plot holes), MasterVelocity says ‘the mission was worth it’.


This is because on their mission to capture a Wight, they discovered that killing a Walker will kill all of the Wights that Wight created.

In MasterVelocity’s post, they argue that:

They don’t even necessarily have to target the Night King specifically; they could eat away at the normal White Walkers and make a dent in the army big enough to push the Night King back and perhaps eventually defeat him.

That piece of information is worth a dragon in my opinion.

To be honest you’d think Jon would have realised that after the botched evacuation of Hardholme back in season five, but I suppose when you’re running your arse off to get away from an army of the undead that’d be the last thing on your mind.


Fellow Reddit users agreed with the theory, pointing out that a ‘certain’ crossbow – built for taking down big monsters – equipped with dragonglass could do the trick at the hands of Ser Bronn of The Blackwater, with his excellent archery skills. That being said, if you get the former sell-sword to do the deed he may ask for more than a castle for his efforts.

If you ask me, this type of information is worth more than a dragon or two, it’s worth the entire vault of the Iron Bank.

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