Aaron Paul Is ‘Excited’ About Potential Better Call Saul Appearance


Ever since Better Call Saul was announced, fans of Breaking Bad have wondered whether Walt and Jesse will make an appearance in the spin-off.

There have been rumblings for a while now that Jesse could make an appearance, which would make sense, given that Jesse being a street punk means he could well have known Saul before he got entangled in the big-time meth business.

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Now, Aaron Paul, while chatting to The Guardian about his upcoming movie, Eye in the Sky, has spoken about the prospect of slipping back on Jesse’s infamous gas-mask and he couldn’t help but get ‘excited’ about the idea.

He went on to say that he’s had ‘multiple conversations’ with the the series’ producers, so it sounds like this really could be happening.

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Even better, it won’t be some half baked cameo, Aaron says he’ll only return for the ‘all the right reasons’, which seems to imply that Jesse would have a more substantial role that would make sense in the story.

He explained: 

All I can say is that we’ve had multiple conversations about that possibility and if it were to happen it would happen for absolutely all the right reasons. They wouldn’t want to throw Jesse in just so the audience could see him in the background. He’d have to really enter the story.

And as I’m such a huge fan of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, if they did figure out a way to make that happen I’d be very excited.

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Season two of Better Call Saul finishes later this month with a third season ordered for 2017, so if Jesse Pinkman were to make an appearance it would probably be around then.

So it sounds like Jesse could be back on the streets of Albuquerque soon, ‘bitch!’