Actor Charlyne Yi Accuses Seth Rogen Of ‘Enabling’ James Franco, Who She Alleges Is ‘Sexual Predator’

by : Saman Javed on : 11 Apr 2021 11:02
Actor Charlyne Yi Accuses Seth Rogen Of ‘Enabling’ James Franco, Who She Alleges Is 'Sexual Predator'PA

Charlyne Yi, an actor and writer known for roles in Knocked Up and The Disaster Artist, has accused Seth Rogen of ‘enabling’ James Franco, who she alleges is a ‘sexual predator’.

In a post to her Instagram earlier this week, Yi said she attempted to quit The Disaster Artist after hearing fresh allegations against Franco while filming.


Rogen, Franco and Yi all appeared in the Oscar-nominated film in 2017, alongside Dave Franco and Zac Efron.

‘When I tried to break legal contract and quit Disaster Artist because James Franco is a sexual predator, they tried to bribe me with a bigger acting role,’ Yi wrote.


‘I cried and told them that was the exact opposite of what I wanted, that I didn’t feel safe working with a f*ck*ng sexual predator,’ she said.

Yi said the producers on the 2017 film, one of which was Rogen, minimised her concerns and said ‘Franco being a predator was so last year and that he changed’.

Yi said she had raised concerns with the team after she ‘heard of [Franco] abusing new women that week’.


‘Enablers are just as toxic and are abusers too,’ she added.

‘Seth Rogen was one of the producers on this film so he definitely knows about the bribe and why I quit. Seth also did a sketch on SNL with Franco enabling Franco preying on children. Right after Franco was caught,’ she wrote in her caption.

It is not the first time Franco has faced allegations of sexual misconduct. In 2014, a 17-year-old girl shared screenshots of messages from the actor, who was 35-years-old at the time, asking her to meet him at a hotel room.

Earlier this year, Franco settled a 2019 lawsuit in which two women alleged he had acted sexually inappropriately towards them when they attended his acting school, Studio 4. The school, which was founded in 2014, had branches in Los Angeles and New York before it closed in 2017.


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    ‘Disaster Artist’ Actress Charlyne Yi Called James Franco ‘A Sexual Predator’ And Criticized Seth Rogen For ‘Enabling’ Him