Alex Grabs Alexandra’s Hand And Puts It Down His Shorts To Touch Penis


Everything we knew about Dr Alex from Love Island has suddenly been turned on its head, as it’s been revealed he grabbed partner Alexander’s hand and put it down his shorts. 

Alex George has gained a solid reputation in Love Island for being the villa’s ‘nice guy’, the considerate soul who hasn’t had much luck with the ladies.

A contestant who fans love because he’s seemingly, so nice.

Well it seems Alex has actually been hiding a very different side to him, one that fans definitely didn’t see coming.

Alex paired up with Alexandra on the show after she came in as a late arrival and made a beeline for the doctor. The couple hit it off, and despite Alex having a bit of a wobble when two new girls arrived, they’re now back together and ‘cracking on’.

A first look at tonight’s show saw Alexandra laughing and shedding light on a new overly-confident side of Alex, as she told her fellow female contestants that the pair kind of became part of the ‘do bits society’ in bed the night before.

Watch the video here:

Alexandra said ‘he put my hand’, but was cut off by Laura asking her to reenact the scenario – as if there hadn’t been enough role playing in the villa already.

Alexandra continued her story, saying ‘He grabbed my hand and opened his shorts’. She didn’t quite manage to finish what she was saying, but from the shocked looks on the other girls’ faces, we can guess where her hand went.

Getting straight to the point, Laura then asks ‘what was his penis like?’, but Alexandra simply says ‘I didn’t stay down there for that long’.

It’s definitely not the Alex we’ve got to know over the past few weeks. Maybe he’s taken Jack and Dani’s role playing idea a bit too far, and he’s adopted a new, pushy alter-ego?

Alexandra confirms these suspicions when she goes into the diary room, suggesting the doctor is definitely a ‘dark horse’.

In the video, she joined her partner on the day bed after sharing her story with the girls, and the pair both licked some ice lollies.

Alex might have been hinting at something with that move, but that’s just my opinion!

Check out the video below:

Alexandra seemed to admit she liked the role playing, saying:

I feel like we’re back on track. I think I’m going to need to get you to role play a bit more.

According to the Mirror, Alex went on to say:

I charge quite a lot of money though for that. For proper role play, stripping and all that. I’m quite expensive.

Maybe we could do a good discount. Or trading. We could do actually. It was good fun, I enjoyed that. We’re not going to be Jack and Dani, not yet.

Alexandra praised Alex for the confidence he’d shown during their role play, and said:

Well I definitely am very proud of your confidence. I definitely fancy you a lot, and last night in bed was really a moment, to be able to cuddle you and kiss you.

It was really nice to be able to share a bed with you and just be next to you, and feel a lot closer and more comfortable being around you.

Alex replied:

You came in obviously around week six for me. I waited all that time to meet someone I was compatible with. It’s been a long wait. So it’s been a really nice second date.

Our first proper date out of the villa. That blip we’ve had is done. We’ve got over that. We’re continuing to grow and I’m very excited.

Of course, news travels fast, and so the boys in the villa weren’t far behind the girls in finding out what happened and grilled Alex for his version of events.

Alex appeared suitably red in the face when discussing the situation – but then Alex’s natural complexion seems to be that of a lobster, so it was hard to tell if he was really embarrassed or not?

Dr Alex love islandITV2

Alex didn’t seem to want to share much of his new found forwardness with the boys though, and said the touch was more like a ‘knock’.

Hopefully Alex will leave Alexandra’s hands to do what they please in the future – and if he does, maybe his role playing confidence will win him some more natural ‘knocks’ from Alexandra.

Love Island continues tonight on ITV2.

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