Alexander Skarsgård’s Viking Epic Is ‘Incredibly Violent, Horrific And Intense’

by : Cameron Frew on : 30 Mar 2021 18:56
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He’s been a vampire bar owner and sheriff. He swung through the jungle as Tarzan. Soon, Alexander Skarsgård will spill blood and fury in The Northman

Ahead of the release of Godzilla vs. Kong, in which the actor stars alongside the titular titans as an ape-wary Nathan Lind, we spoke to Skarsgård about his upcoming movie with Robert Eggers, the acclaimed director of The Witch and The Lighthouse, also co-written by Icelandic scribe Sjón.


The Northman was my dream role, so I’m basically retired now. I’m on my couch in my flip-flops, just chilling,’ he told UNILAD.

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The Viking revenge saga will see Skarsgård play Amleth, a Nordic prince who seeks grisly vengeance after the murder of his father. ‘It’s basically the story that Shakespeare was inspired by when he wrote Hamlet. It’s a classic hardcore revenge story,’ he said. It also stars Anya-Taylor Joy, Willem Dafoe, Ethan Hawke, Nicole Kidman and Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, aka The Mountain.

We asked the actor if audiences should expect something brutal, given the director’s past works. ‘Oh yeah,’ he eagerly answered. ‘It’s incredibly violent and incredibly intense… it’s a crazy dark character, he does some horrific things in the movie. It’s really, really dark – but then again, it’s a Robert Eggers movie so it’s gonna be dark.’


He continued: ‘It was very tough to shoot because almost all of the scenes are shot with one single camera move. It’s tough when you have a big Viking battle sequence with like 100 extras, horses and chaos… to shoot that with no cuts is incredibly challenging.’

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‘So there were long and very, very tough days… but equally, when you finally get that take after 30 tries, it’s like winning the World Cup. It’s the best feeling ever. It was a thrilling experience, but exhausting for sure.’

The monster face-off is the ultimate big-screen event, if you’re fortunate enough to live near an open cinema. ‘Godzilla vs. Kong would be fun to watch the reaction of the crowd,’ Skarsgård said, but he’s even more excited to see how viewers react to the horrors of The Northman.


He said: ‘It’s so visceral and intense, I can’t wait to hide in the dark and watch the audience the first time we screen it to see how they react. It’s incredibly violent and horrific, so that’s going to be an interesting experience I think.’

The movie premiere of Godzilla vs. Kong will be available to rent at home from April 1. There’s currently no release date for The Northman.

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