All The Die Hard Films Are Available To Stream So You Can Decide Which One Is Best

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All The Die Hard Films Are Available To Stream So You Can Decide Which One Is BestAll Star Picture Library/Album/Alamy

Would you rather simply Die Hard, or Die Hard With A Vengeance? Of course, the choice entirely depends on whether it’s A Good Day To Die Hard in the first place. 

Fans of the action-packed franchise would probably argue it’s always a good day to Die Hard – at least in terms of sitting down to watch one of the films, that is.


However, exactly which of the multiple films you’d choose to watch is another question entirely.

Die Hard 2 (20th Century Fox)20th Century Fox

Drawing on the success of 1988’s Die Hard, Bruce Willis returned to the role of John McClane numerous times over the years, following the original with the sequel, Die Hard 2, in 1990.

Willis was back for a third time five years later in Die Hard With A Vengeance; again in 2007 with Live Free or Die Hard, and finally in 2013 with A Good Day To Die Hard.


Each film is as explosive as the next, though they each bring their own elements to the franchise and as such fans have come to develop favourites over the years. Many have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on which of the five instalments is best, sparking debate among film fans.

It’s unlikely everyone will ever be able to agree on which is best, but luckily viewers don’t have to settle for anything less than their favourite on their next watch, as all five films are now available to stream on Disney+.

Though everyone is entitled to their own opinion, there does appear to be some general agreement on how good or bad particular Die Hard films are, with the original proving among the most popular, earning itself an impressive audience score of 94% on Rotten Tomatoes.


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Unfortunately, its successor wasn’t quite as popular, earning a score of 70%, though Die Hard With A Vengeance managed to win over a few more audience members with a score of 83%.

The positive trend continued with the fourth instalment, which earned a score of 86%, but anyone who believes A Good Day To Die Hard is the best in the franchise will have a tough argument on their hands, as the film only managed to achieve an audience score of 40%.

Whether or not you believe Die Hard to be a Christmas film, the franchise will make for the perfect entertainment on cold nights, with a full run-through of the series allowing viewers the chance to gather evidence as to why their favourite is the best.


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