Amanda Holden Responds Hilariously To Complaints About Her Boobs On BGT

Amanda Holden responds to complaints about her boobsITV/Amanda Holden/Twitter

The Britain’s Got Talent judges – apart from Simon Cowell – always bring their A-game when it comes to dressing up for live TV, but apparently Amanda Holden’s dresses have been showing off more than viewers are happy with.

Every night this week, Simon, Amanda, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams have watched and commented on the hopeful contestants who managed to make it through to the live BGT shows.

I’d have imagined one of the most talked-about moments was when the ever-grumpy Simon stormed off stage after being asked to take part in a ventriloquist act last night, but apparently Amanda’s outfits have been the real fire-starter.

On Wednesday night (May 29) the 48-year-old wore a half-transparent Nicolas Jebran gown which had an intricate spider-web design covering one side of her chest, and yesterday she stepped out on stage in a Saiid Kobeisy dress which had a plunging v-shaped neckline.

I suspect the judges – again, apart from Simon – have their outfits chosen by an extensive wardrobe crew, but Amanda obviously approved enough of the dresses to wear them. However, some viewers weren’t so impressed.

A few people took to Twitter to make complaints, with some saying her outfits weren’t ‘family tv appropriate’:

Speaking to The Sun, Amanda defended herself against the complaints and added not everyone was disapproving of her revealing clothes.

She said:

My t*ts seem to become the show’s biggest talking point every year.

We’ve had plenty of complaints apparently, but none from home, let me tell you.

The judge went on to say she’d actually made a conscious effort to be more respectful after facing critical comments year after year.

Amanda explained:

When I wore the spider’s web dress this week I actually wore a nipple cover, and for me that was a first.

I was thinking that it’s a family show and people talk about my boobs every year, so I thought I would wear a nipple cover. I’d now happily put it on eBay.

The last remaining Britain’s Got Talent semi-final will air tonight, so we’ll have to see if Amanda sparks even more complaints this evening. And of course, with the final set to air on Sunday, she might have saved the best – or worst, depending on your view – until last.

Cleavage aside, hopefully viewers will be more preoccupied by some good performances.

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