American Horror Story Announces The Return Of Jessica Lange

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Only a couple of weeks ago, news broke of what FX‘s American Horror Story season eight would be titled, and better still, what it would involve.


Makers of the popular, scary, show revealed the eighth season would be a crossover of two previous seasons, ‘Murder House’ and ‘Coven’ – possibly the two best seasons – and would be known as ‘Apocalypse’.

The AHS official Twitter accounted tweeted an appropriately creepy picture of a long-nailed hand touching a baby, with equally creepy black pointy nails, which read: ‘AHS Apocalypse’.

While fans of the show will all have their favourite characters and season, (I did love Lady Gaga in ‘Hotel’, and ‘Asylum’ was brilliant – minus the alien’s which I’m still not sure what they were all about), there was one character who was undoubtedly everyone’s favourite – or at least on par with Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters.


I’m of course, talking about the iconic Jessica Lange – who’s played the stern head nun, Sister Jude, (Judy Martin), in ‘Asylum’, as well as a host of others.

Who could forget her in ‘Coven’ as Fiona Goode – Supreme Witch of the Salem Descendants, who returned home to Miss Robichaux’s Academy in New Orleans, with plans to rule her coven again and repair her relationship with her estranged daughter.

Well,….she’s back!

At the Television Critic Association Awards on Friday (August 3), it was revealed by one of the show’s stars, Sarah Paulson, Ms Lange WILL be reprising her role of Constance Langdon, (‘Murder House’) in the upcoming eighth season of the show.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, Paulson confirmed the news, saying:

Jessica will be returning as Constance in an episode that I’m going to direct.

For the non-die-hard AHS fans reading, Constance Langdon was the very first character Lange ever played on the show, back in its first season in 2011.


Lange went on to play three other characters, with her last appearance in the season four finale, of ‘Freak Show’.

Lange isn’t the only actor who’s set to reprise her role from ‘Murder House’.

During the TCA panel, all six actors present also confirmed the names of their ‘Apocalypse’ characters.

Leslie Grossman will star as Coco Saint Pierre Vanderbilt, Billie Lourd will play Mallory, Adina Porter will be Dinah Stevens, Emma Roberts returns as Madison Montgomery, and Kathy Bates as Ms. Meade.

Sarah Paulson will be playing three roles, because she’s a queen: she’s Venable, Cordelia, and Billie Dean.

Can’t wait for this!

The show’s EP, Aexis Martin Woodall, gave further indications as to what we can expect, reports Deadline, saying:

[It’s about the end of] the real world. It’s very tangible. Is that cagey enough?

Paulson reiterated:


It’s the end of the world. It’s the biggest – sh*t! It’s the apocalypse in the truest sense of the word.

I don’t think Paulson was meant to give so much away to reporters, but Woodall added:

All joking aside, if that’s what launches it, and if we’re still here, the world did not totally end.

This is going to be a season to remember! I guarantee it!

American Horror Story: Apocalypse will premiere on FX on September 12, 2018.

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