American Horror Story Creator Confirms Popular Fan Theory


American Horror Story Cult is just one month away for U.S. viewers, and that means the hype train has well and truly left the station.

In everybody’s favourite horror show, fan theories abound. We’ve pretty much established that all seasons are part of the same universe, with Pepper showing up in Asylum and Freak Show.

Queenie has also made an appearance in both Coven and Hotel, so it’s basically confirmed that we’re watching different ghostly goings-on in the same world.

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But one fan theory takes it just a little bit further. And after a recent post by show creator Ryan Murphy on Instagram, it might just have been confirmed.

The theory goes as follows:

Each season of American Horror Story represents a different circle of Dante’s inferno.


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There are nine circles in total, each representing a different sin, and whichever unlucky soul finds themselves stuck in those circles can expect quite a bit of pain.

Okay so, let’s go through each season. Murder house is apparently limbo, because everybody who dies there can’t move on.

Asylum is fraud, because everybody in that madhouse is lying, even the Catholic Church.


Coven was treachery as the witches were constantly lying and back-stabbing each other.

Freak-Show was greed, as more than a few murders happened in the pursuit of fame and cash.

Hotel was gluttony, Roanoke was anger.


The latest season, according to this instagram post, will be heresy.

So after Cult, we have lust and violence.

This is a pretty epic theory and gives the series another edge that just brings together all of the religious themes of sin and repentance.


To have Ryan Murphy discuss this is a pretty big deal because even if it isn’t necessarily the truth, the fact that he’s a fan of these connections means he could work them in in future seasons.

The theory could even explain the use of the same actors in multiple storylines. They could actually be the same souls suffering different levels of hell for different sins that they committed during their lifetimes.

That would be pretty dark and completely in keeping with the themes of the show.


In this theory then, we are Dante, watching hellish punishments dished out by Satan and his cronies, and the creators are Virgil, guiding us through our visit to each level of hell.

I’m on board.