American Horror Story Season 8 Will Be More Like Asylum And Coven


The creators of American Horror Story have revealed what’s in store for Season 8, and fans are sure to be pleased.

Co-creator Ryan Murphy, along with AHS cast members Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters, among others, recently appeared at an Emmy FYC (For Your Consideration) panel to chat about the most recent season, Cult.

Over the course of it, they disclosed some new details about the upcoming ‘fantasy-inspired’ series eight.


Saying it will take place ’18 months from today’, Murphy said, as reported by MTV:

It’s not necessarily as real and grounded as the past season. We’re sort of getting back to Asylum and Coven. It’s that tone. That’s the tone of it.

Asylum and Coven were the second and third seasons of AHS, focusing on the horrors of a mental institute and witches who survived the Salem Witch Trials, respectively.

Nothing’s for certain though. He also said he’d never base a show around the Manson family but ended up doing just that.


He’d previously said:

It never felt right to me, because it’s been done a million times, and I didn’t know how to make it fresh.

But I kept coming back to the idea of the cult of personality. We really examine how those people rise to power and why did people follow them.

In the end, he did decide to go through with the idea.

Speaking about his inspiration for American Horror Story, he told Interview Magazine:

Like all my TV shows, it’s rooted in a childhood obsession. Two actually: Dark Shadows and a movie called Don’t Look Now [1973], with Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie.

The thing on the poster is Rubber Man. He’s a monster in the show and he dresses up in latex, and he’s supposed to represent every woman’s deepest sexual fears and desires.

What I really wanted to do was my version of Dark Shadows, where there are creatures and a soap opera and sex, because my grandmother used to make me watch Dark Shadows as punishment . . . when I was three.


He continued:

I would sit there and be very afraid, and then the next day I would say, ‘Nana, I want to watch the program again.’

I would call it a program. I would hide behind the chair. I just loved feeling scared.

We had a large family, and every week there was a death, and she would make sure that she and I were the first to the mortuary.

She’d make me go up and touch all of the dead bodies so that I could learn that they were gone and that was formaldehyde used on them. That’s my life.

Are you excited by this? Or do you think AHS should try out new avenues?