American Horror Story Season Eight Official Title Revealed

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Information about the upcoming American Horror Story season continues to roll out, and we finally have the official title for the series. 

Last month, American Horror Story makers revealed that the eighth season would be a crossover of two previous seasons, Murder House and Coven.

This morning, we learned more about the latest instalment of the horror series, as the official title was revealed on Twitter.

The AHS official Twitter accounted tweeted an appropriately creepy picture of a long-nailed hand touching a baby with equally creepy black pointy nails, which read ‘AHS Apocalypse’.

Many fans have been suggesting that this crossover will bring the antichrist from Murder House into the company of the witches from Coven, and the ‘Rubber Man’-like hand in the Apocalypse picture might be confirmation of this theory.

One fan suggested:


Another wrote:

#AHS title revealed! A Facebook live event seems to have confirmed that the title of Season 8 is American Horror Story: Apocalypse. Looks like the Antichrist from Murder House will encounter the witches from Coven, confirming most of the fan theories. #AmericanHorrorStory @AHSFX

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, AHS creator Ryan Murphy revealed that the new season would combine cast members from previous series.

He said:

There will be characters from Murder House and characters from Coven together.

Murphy has revealed the role of one of the cast members, Evan Peters. Poor Evan has had quite a taxing time in the show so far, playing a ghost, a man who was framed for murder, and a serial killer.

Luckily, Evan is set to get a bit of a comedic reprise in Apocalypse, appearing as a hair stylist.

According to Deadline, Murphy said:

The funny thing is, we shot Cult and it was very taxing on Evan, and around Thanksgiving, I was talking to Evan and he said, ‘You know this show is so hard, it’s so difficult to do’. So your part this year is a comedic part, you are comedic and you play a hairstylist.

He went on to explain to Entertainment Weekly that American Horror Story: Apocalypse was going to be unlike anything the show had produced before.

He said:

You will see so many fan favourites return.

It’s a very high concept. It’s a season unlike anything we’ve done because there’s a big hook to it. There’s a huge thing that happens in episode 5.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Murphy has previously revealed that the eighth season would be set 10-20 years in the future.

He explained:

It’s set in the future, but not the theme. The near-distant future. It’s a projection story.

Murphy has since been more specific with the time frame of AHS: Apocalpyse, Digital Spy report.

Speaking at an event about the new season on April 6, the creator said that the series would be set ’18 months from today’ – meaning the apocalypse will happen in late 2019.

The new season of the show will first be released in the US on September 9 on FX – hopefully the rest of the world won’t have to wait too long after that to be able to watch it.

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