Americans Have Just Discovered Mr Blobby And They Really Can’t Cope


The U.S has just been introduced to Mr Blobby – and needless to say they don’t really know what to think.

For anyone who can’t remember or – more likely – has had the memory of him permanently sliced out of their mind, Mr Blobby was a big pink twat who plagued our TV screens – and the charts – in the 90s.

Following his meteoric and inexplicable rise to fame on the now sadly extinct Noel’s House Party – presented by none other than superstitious box opener Noel Edmonds – Blobby put in guest appearances on many a TV show.


Thankfully, after ruining a number of average programmes, he was catapulted into obscurity – his garish plastic skin presumably burned in an oil drum behind an abandoned warehouse.

However, Reddit user Soren_Aabye uncovered a clip of Mr Blobby appearing on the 1990s special of Big Fat Quiz of the Year – exposing the hellish character to the American audience for the very first time, reports indy100.

It’s fair to say that they are just as bewildered state-side by him now as we were twenty-odd years ago, with various people commenting:

I feel like I just took acid.

I fucking love the line ‘your influence will spread throughout the land’ and I’m not quite sure why. It just seems so absurd to sing about Mr Blobby’s philosophy of life.

Mr. Blobby is gonna fuckin haunt my dreams.


Still they, went on – and he wasn’t gaining any fans…

More importantly, what the fuck is he?

He looks like silly putty fucked a Dalek. And someone poured in a barrel of terrifying and annoying.

Had to shut it off. It was freaking out my cats.

Kill it with fire!

Yes, then throw it off a cliff – better to be safe than sorry.