Amy From Brooklyn Nine-Nine Confirms Halloween Heist Episode In Next Season


Anyone who knows me will know how obsessed I am with Brooklyn Nine-Nine. In fact, I’m more than happy to go on record saying it’s the best show on TV.

If you don’t agree with me, basically, you’re wrong. What isn’t there to love? The New York-based show is hilariously witty, has managed to take viewers on a rollercoaster of emotion through its various storylines, and explores diversity in a respectful and honest way.

And then, of course, there’s the Halloween Heist episodes in every season, which can be described in only one way – toit!

If you haven’t watched the show, first of all – go and watch it immediately. But secondly, let me explain a little bit about why the Halloween specials are a fan favourite.

In every season – for one episode only – our favourite characters compete on the spookiest day of the year to find out who is the ‘ultimate human/genius’.

Usually, it’s a task that includes some of the precinct trying valiantly to steal something of importance to another member of the team. For example, Holt’s Medal of Valour, a plaque, a crown etc…

Holt and Peralta in Brooklyn Nine-NineFox

Hilarity ensues and ultimately, the best parts of each character are brought out as they compete to win the race.

Fans were left devastated when Fox cancelled the show earlier this year in May, wondering whether the Halloween Heist would live to see another day.

Thankfully it has. NBC recognised the show’s brilliance and saved the day, picking the show up just days later. Phew.

And it looks like we won’t have to wait much longer for our favourite police precinct to be back on our screens, as members of the gang have been dropping hints about the new season.

First, it was Terry Crews who confirmed the show’s comeback for January 2019 in an Instagram story. Noice.

You can check out the announcement here:

What better way to cure the January blues than to curl up on the couch and watch the team and their various (mis)adventures? Nine-Nine!

The storyline so far has been kept under wraps though, with viewers still on tenterhooks about what Holt’s email said at the end of season five.

However, we have been offered a brief glimpse into one episode in particular. You’ve guessed it, the Halloween Heist!

Melissa Fumero, who plays the feisty, slightly nerdy Amy Santiago, tweeted the following yesterday (October 25):

In response to one heartbroken viewer, who tweeted the actor regarding the various rumours which had spread regarding the Halloween episode being axed, Melissa dismissed the claims quickly.

She simply said:

Not true… stay tuned.

Followed, in true Halloween style, with a devil emoji. Which is really all the confirmation we need! I’d better get my devil costume ready. Name of Amy’s sex tape!


And it isn’t just me who loves these episodes so much. According to Ranker, the best episode of the entire show is HalloVeen, the Halloween Heist episode from Season 5.

You can’t disagree with that. Clearly, the show knows its audience and are giving the people what they want. Amen to that!


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