Amy Schumer Received 'Death Threats' Over Oscars Joke

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Amy Schumer Received 'Death Threats' Over Oscars Joke
Amy Schumer Received 'Death Threats' Over Oscars Joke (Alamy/ ABC)

Amy Schumer has spoken out about the death threats she's received for a joke she made at the Oscars.

While Schumer held fire from making a joke about Alec Baldwin's accidental firing of a loaded 'prop gun' on the set of Rust which resulted int the tragic death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, the 40-year-old comedian didn't hold back in taking a swipe at 2022 Spider-Man star Kirsten Dunst at the 94th Academy Awards.

However, on Wednesday, 13 April, in an episode of The Howard Stern Show, Schumer revealed just how severe the response has been to her joke about the actress.



At the Oscars, Schumer joked that Dunst was a seat filler, despite the actress having been nominated for the Academy Award for the Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her character Rose Gordon-Burbank in 2021 Western drama Power of the Dog.

Fans of the actress weren't at all happy about the dig, however.

Despite clarifying that Dunst was in on the joke and that she 'appreciate[s] the love for Kirsten Dunst,' 'love[s] her too' and 'would't disrespect that queen like that,' Schumer revealed she has faced death threats.


The comedian said: "They were so bad the Secret Service reached out to me about that bit.

“I was like, ‘I think you have the wrong number. It’s Amy, not Will.’ The misogyny is unbelievable."

She noted how the threats have also resulted in the Los Angeles Police department reaching out to her.


Schumer clarified that Dunst was in on the joke and that it had been 'a choreographed bit,' opposed to the actress actually being 'disrespected'.

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Amy Schumer Ripped For Sharing 'Terrible' Joke That She Wasn't Allowed To Say At Oscars

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Ahead of making a jibe about Leonardo DiCaprio dating younger women, Schumer explained she even reached out to The Wolf of Wall Street star to get his blessing.

He reportedly told her to, "Go ahead."


Schumer came under fire for allegedly stealing her joke about DiCaprio from Twitter. The comedian denied such claims.

Schumer also faced criticism from comments she made in response to the most spoken about moment of the Oscars which saw Will Smith take to the stage to slap Chris Rock after the comedian made a 'GI Jane 2' joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

Schumer took to social media to state how 'triggered and traumatised' she was by the incident.

However, one user pointed out how Schumer herself potentially caused 'further trauma to Halyna Hutchins' family' by creating a joke about the cinematographer's death.


The comedian reflected: "People made fun of me for saying it was traumatising. I don’t think it was traumatising for me. I think it was traumatising for all of us."

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