Ant And Dec Want To Do An SM:TV Live 20th Anniversary Show

by : UNILAD on : 24 Feb 2017 16:56

It’s crazy to think it’s almost 20 years since SM:TV first hit our screens, so it must be high time for a reunion. 


Next year it will be two whole decades since Ant, Dec and Cat Deeley first took over kids’ Saturday morning TV on ITV, which makes us feel slightly nauseous.

So it seems only right, the old gang get back together to mark the anniversary.

Ant told Digital Spy:


It’s funny, we were talking to somebody about this recently, because it’s 20 years since the launch of SM:TV Live next year.

So we were saying if there was appetite that we could do an anniversary special or something, and we kind of got carried away with the idea, didn’t we?

If we did just a one-off, and it had to be 9.25am, with Chums and all that, and get Cat back.


Just to give a bit of background for those who (somehow) may not know, SM:TV Live essentially launched the careers of Ant and Dec after TV series Byker Grove (if you don’t remember that then you’re definitely way too young.)

Cat Deeley presented the kids’ show alongside the pair from 1998-2003 in which Chums  – a friends spoof – was a big hit.

Let’s not forget the classic gameshow Wonkey Donkey, which hilariously involved cuddly toy animals doing strange things and kids phoning up to guess what they were.

Dec chipped in next and our hopes have soared sky high.

He added:


We’ve kind of floated it around a few people, getting a straw poll and so far we’ve had some positive responses.

And when asked if a rendition of Wonkey Donkey could be on the cards, his response was extremely encouraging.

He teased:

I’d do it! We kind of know them all, I don’t know if I could remember them all.

TV producers out there, please let this happen.

It would be worth it just for Chums.

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