Apparently Elvis Presley Is In Home Alone, Filmed 13 Years After His Death

20th Century Fox

Eagle eyed Home Alone fans believe they’ve spotted Elvis Presley making a celebrity cameo in the popular Chris Columbus film – a surprising career move for the king of rock and roll as he’d been dead for 13 years.

The old conspiracy theory that Elvis didn’t really die has been doing the rounds for a number of years but this is the first time anyone’s suggested that Hughes was a conspirator in the plot.

Conspiracy theorists believe that the bequiffed icon makes an appearance during the scene where Catherine O’Hara’s character tries to negotiate with an airline employee for a ticket back to Chicago.

20th Century Fox

Here’s the alleged Elvis…

As you an see he looks as much like Elvis as I do, not that that’s stopped people believing that this anonymous extra is the dead musical legend.

Director Columbus has even mentioned this in the director’s commentary of Home Alone, joking with Macaulay Culkin about it.

He says: 

They are convinced, these people, that this is Elvis Presley. That he’s faked his death, and because he still loves show business, he’s an extra in Home Alone.

While it’s obvious that he’s not Elvis, because as I keep saying Elvis is dead, Vice have entertained the notion that it may be and have spared no expense in working out who this extra could be.

They point out that had Elvis survived (which he didn’t) to 1990, the year Home Alone was released he’d be 55-years-old so the extra is around the right age.

20th Century Fox

The two also have a passing resemblance in that they’re both men with faces and dark hair but that’s about it in terms of appearance – but wait there’s more circumstantial evidence.

In the same scene the Elvis extra appears he’s next to John Candy’s self proclaimed King of Polka, a sly reference to Elvis’s moniker? No.

While it’d be nice if Elvis had faked his death accept it guys he’s gone, and this isn’t him.