Apparently This Game Of Thrones Baddie Is Based On Liam Gallagher


One of the most evil characters in Game of Thrones and maybe even modern fiction has a very strange real life inspiration.

Iwan Rheon who plays the monstrous and cruel Ramsay Bolton on the hit fantasy show Game of thrones based his character not on Hitler or any of the evil men throughout history, instead he based it on Liam Gallagher.

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Yes the other half of of Brit-pop giant Oasis is the inspiration for the barbaric Ramsay well Liam, The Joker and, randomly Dennis The Menace.

We’ll give him this he’s scarier than the red and black striped menace and we definitely get The Joker, but Liam Gallagher? Is it because he’s from the North?


In an interview with NME, Rheon explained that he pitched Ramsay ‘somewhere between the Joker from The Dark Knight and Dennis the Menace, with a little bit of Liam Gallagher in there’.

Ramasy’s easily one of the most psychotic and murderous characters in the show and has been involved in some of the most intense scenes in the fantasy show, including incidents of torture and rape.

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Worst of all Ramsay deliberately broke poor Theon Greyjoy ‘s mind by castrating him, mentally and physically, transforming him into the snivelling and cowardly Reek.

Despite what Noel may say about his brother being bad we can’t see him going that far – would he?