Aquaman Faces Boycott Threats Over Amber Heard’s Role

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 06 Sep 2021 09:54
Aquaman Faces Boycott Threats Over Amber Heard's Role@prideofgypsies/Instagram/PA

Aquaman fans are threatening to boycott the film unless Amber Heard is removed from it.

In light of the ongoing legal battles between Johnny Depp and Heard, fans of the DC movie created a petition to have her fired from the film.


At the time of writing, the petition has generated more than 1,800,000 signatures.

Amber Heard Aquaman 2Warner Bros.

Off the back of the recent new promotion of the next Aquaman movie, people are threatening to boycott the film as Heard returns to her role.

One person tweeted, ‘If Amber Heard is in this film, you can bet I won’t be seeing it. You can’t just f*ck up an innocent man’s life with your power as a woman and get away with it.’


Another person wrote, ‘The directors really think everyone’s hyped for Aquaman 2 when Amber Heard is still in it,’ while a third Twitter-user said, ‘All I have to say about #Aquaman is that, no matter how good looking Jason looks, I will never touch a movie with Amber Heard in it. She’s gotten away with FAR too much.’

Addressing Aquaman‘s new suit, which debuted on social media yesterday, someone else said, ‘Nice Aquaman Suit.. But Still Not seeing the movie til Amber heard is Fired with no pay & Blacklisted from Hollywood.’


Meanwhile, someone else branded DC’s decision to keep Heard in the movie as a ‘disastrous decision’.

They wrote:

Again, DC chosing to keep Amber Heard is a disastrous move. Look at all the comments. Everytime Aquaman 2 is mentioned, people ONLY talk about her. DC doesnt even have to recast, just delete her character from the movie completely to save this franchise that started so well!


Depp himself tried to have Heard removed from the film at the end of last year, but everyone’s efforts appear to be in vain as the Paranoia actor is still starring in the upcoming film.

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