Twins With ‘Biggest Butt Surgery Ever’ Go To Doctors For Another Job


A set of Argentinian twins with ‘the largest butt augmentations’ ever, recently appeared on American plastic surgery reality TV show, Botched, asking for more work.

Nadinne and Dannita Bruna amazed E! reality TV surgeons Dr Terry Dubrow and Dr Paul Nassif with their man-made behinds.

In fact, Dr Dubrow was left musing: “The Bruna twins had probably the largest fat transfer buttock augmentation I’ve ever seen.”

You can watch the foursome meet to discuss the Bruna twins’ plastic surgery in the Botched clip below:

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Nadinne and Dannita explained their butts were the result of a fat transfer operation done in Colombia about eight months ago, adding they’d had to gain six pounds as their lean physiques didn’t offer enough fat for the procedure.

But back to the matter at hand: Dannita, who has had five breast augmentations, had suffered symmastia, which means her boobs had met in the middle and fused together.


Dr. Dubrow noted to the camera: “The fact that a symmastia occurred with only a 290 cc implant unfortunately indicates that it was probably just a poorly done procedure.”

The doctors offered to fix Dannita’s breasts, if she was willing to get smaller implants to replace the problematic pair, but the model refused the treatment, citing her modelling career as her reason.

Nadinne, who explained she ‘was fat, like really fat’ and had lost a grand total of 35 pounds, wanted the skin underneath her arms to be tightened.


However, the sisters both walked away without receiving treatment, when Nadinne was told her operation would leave a scar on her shoulder.

The twins concluded: “We are confident right now and are best the way we are,” as they proudly showed off their physiques while rubbing lotion on each other to conclude the show.