Arnold Schwarzenegger Voted Person To Be Put In Charge If Aliens Invade The Planet

by : Cameron Frew on : 19 Mar 2021 12:20
Arnold Schwarzenegger Voted Guy To Be Put In Charge If Aliens Invade The PlanetPA Images/20th Century Fox

The world has elected its leader in the event of an alien invasion: Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The actor and politician has experience in public leadership and being placed under immense pressure: he was the Governor of California; he saved John Connor from the T-1000; and he’s even faced off against an otherworldly beast known as a Predator.


Whenever we face a close encounter of the fifth kind, we’ll need someone to steer the ship as we communicate, negotiate or fight with the aliens. According to a recent vote, Schwarzenegger will be put in charge.

Ahead of UFO Week on BLAZE, the UK public was asked ‘who would best deal with an alien invasion’ out of a list of 20 celebrities. The Terminator star topped the poll.

Seeing the result, Schwarzenegger tweeted: ‘I want to thank the people for putting their faith in me. I am ready to serve.’


As per Deadline, a spokesman for BLAZE said: ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger is a strong choice for dealing with an alien invasion, bearing in mind he’s not only a screen action hero but was also Governor of California. Although it’s worrying to see that so many celebrities with fictional alien experience are considered by many to be better candidates than our current crop of world leaders.’

Arnold Schwarzenegger Voted Person To Be Put In Charge If Aliens Invade The Planet20th Century Studios

Will Smith came in at second on the list, unsurprising given his Independence Day experience. Former US president Donald Trump was eighth, while current POTUS Joe Biden was last, with VP Kamala Harris at 19th.

Among the others, which included Sir David Attenborough, Bruce Willis, Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, Sigourney Weaver and Gillian Anderson, Piers Morgan came in at 13th.


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