Asa Butterfield Responds To Scathing Article Claiming Otis Milburn Is A ‘Villain’

by : Poppy Bilderbeck on : 29 Sep 2021 12:06
Asa Butterfield Responds To Scathing Article Claiming Otis Milburn Is A 'Villain'Netflix/Alamy

After a scathing article was released claiming that Otis Milburn from Sex Education is a ‘villain’, actor Asa Butterfield has hit back. 

The hit Netflix series has recently graced our scenes for its third series, featuring the likes of Gillian Anderson, starring as the sex guru Dr Jean F. Milburn, Ncuti Gatwa as Eric Effiong and Asa Butterfield as Otis Milburn.


However, despite all of the cast having rollercoaster character developments and series three sparking some completely new opinions from audience members, writer Brady Langmann has expressed some pretty savage views of Butterfield’s character.

Butterfield Reponds To Scathing Article - Sex Education (Netflix) Netflix

In an article for Esquire, Langmann calls the character of Otis a ‘despicable friend, boyfriend and son’ and goes on to detail just why he has formed such a hatred of the awkward teen, who he dubs as ‘Milbitch.’

In the pretty scathing review of Otis, Langmann said how Butterfield’s character is a ‘loveable loser’ and ‘flawed but loveable, even cut on a good day’. ‘Kinda feel-sorry-for-him pathetic on a bad one,’ he noted.


However, he then warned readers to ‘turn back now’ if they hadn’t seen series three and if they wanted to ‘keep [their] idyllic vision of this blue-eyed buffoon intact’. Langmann also told Butterfield himself to ‘turn back’.

Butterfield Responds To Scathing Review - Sex Education (Netflix)Netflix

After running through a synopsis of Otis’ love life and events within the show, Langmann branded the character’s moustache ‘sleazebro’ and said he looked like a ‘f*cked up […] Nintendo Mii’.

The writer added that in season three, the ‘tradition’ of Otis ‘verbally abusing his mother’ continues and that he is ‘prone to meowing, whimpering and tattle-tale-ing at any given moment’.


Langmann concluded: 

But Otis, if you’re reading this: know that if you hurt me again, the next piece will be a breakup letter.

SEX EDUCATION, from left: Asa Butterfield, Emma Mackey, (Season 1, ep. 101, airs Jan. 11, 2019). photo: Jon Hall / ©Netflix / Courtesy: Everett Collection - (Everett Collection Inc/ Alamy)Alamy

What Langmann probably was not expecting, however, was Butterfield to see his article, read it and then also respond to its contents.


Butterfield took to Twitter in defence of his character and to throw some shade right back at Langmann.

He said: 

Imagine being so pressed over a fictional teenage boys fumbling attempts at love. Sooo much wrong with that article I don’t even wanna give it more attention but looool.


Despite saying ‘no offence’ before his rampage, Langmann’s attempt to render his criticism less scathing clearly missed the mark, particularly in the eyes of Butterfield.

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