Ash’s Pikachu Might Finally Be Evolving Into A Raichu

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Ash's Pikachu Might Finally Be Evolving Into A RaichuThe Pokémon Company International/Bulbapedia

Pokémon is about to grow up in a big way – Ash’s Pikachu may finally evolve into Raichu. 

The pair are Pokémon’s poster boys, having been inseparable ever since they first met way back in 1997. The yellow, static little guy is synonymous with the franchise. However, things are about to change.


For nearly a quarter of a century, Ash Ketchum and Pikachu have remained mostly the same. Alas, progress can’t be halted, with anime series Pokémon Journeys set to evolve Pikachu into Raichu.

Pokemon JourneysThe Pokémon Company International

The latest iteration of Pokémon has seen Ash and Pikachu team up with newbie trainer Goh, whose dream is catching every single Pokémon. The show’s had a mixed response from fans, with some being wary of its different art style and formulaic alterations.

Unfortunately for those folks, more change is coming. Pokémon fan account Anipoke Fandom tweeted out a supposedly leaked summary of episode 35, titled ‘I Got Pikachu‘.

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Ash’s Pikachu Did Not Evolve Into Raichu After All

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The synopsis read: 

As [Goh] watches [Ash] and Pikachu, he suddenly realizes he wants to get a Pikachu of his own! The laboratory head, [Professor Cerise], tells him about an outbreak of Pikachu, so he decides to immediately head there to investigate.

A lot of Pikachu have been digging ‘Thunderstones’ out of the rock face and used their power to evolve into Raichu… and then Ash’s Pikachu finally evolves into a Raichu as well thanks to a ‘Thunderstone’ discovered by a very obliging female Pikachu?!

Pokémon Journeys recently returned to television following a short break due to the current pandemic. Time will tell if Pikachu is actually going to evolve, and whether fans can handle the iconic fuzzball leveling up.


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