Australian Kid Eats Two Flies During Live TV Interview

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 12 Feb 2020 18:22
Australian Kid Eats Two Flies During Live TV InterviewAustralian Kid Eats Two Flies During Live TV InterviewChannel 10/The Project

A kid had two flies crawl across his face during a live TV interview and, instead of wafting the insects away, he casually ate them. As you do.


The boy and three other people, presumed to be his parents and sister, were being interviewed by Australian TV show The Project when he decided to consume the usual treat.

During the TV segment, the first fly can be seen crawling across the boys left cheek. As it edges closer to his lips, he casually licks it up and eats it. Just moments later another fly lands on his cheek, prompting the same response from the hungry fella.

Kid Eats Two Flies During Live TV InterviewKid Eats Two Flies During Live TV InterviewChannel 10/The Project

I mean, I’m sure being on live television can be an extremely nerve-wracking experience and the last thing you need is two flies crawling across your face, but eating them was an interesting choice.


Fortunately for us, one eagle-eyed viewer spotted the strange situation and shared the video of the interview on Twitter:

And several hilarious responses to the boy’s actions have since been shared on social media:

The Project is a news and current affairs show, and the reason the family were on the programme was to discuss the Australia’s much-needed downpour that’s happened in recent days.


Following the bushfires that have been devastating parts of the country, the rain was understandably welcomed with open arms.

New South Wales’s Rural Fire Service (RFS) spokesperson James Morris told the BBC he hopes there will be ‘zero uncontained fires’ across New South Wales (NSW) by the end of the week. NSW has been one of the worst affected areas from the bushfires.

On Monday, February 10, NSW RFS tweeted the good news:

Rain has significantly assisted reducing the fire activity across areas of NSW. It is a welcome relief for communities and firefighters alike. 26 bush and grass fires are still burning across the state with 4 not yet contained (Snowy Valley and Monaro areas).

While emergency services will have hoped for a well-deserved rest following the months of bushfires, emergency response services in NSW said they had received a whopping 10,000 calls across the state on Monday, February 10, as wild weather brought down trees, flooded homes and disrupted public transport.

However, despite the change in weather, two ‘mega fires’ north and south of Sydney were officially extinguished by the rain, officials said. Both fires had been burning since November, and had scorched around 500,000 hectares of land each.

Every cloud has a silver lining, after all.

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