Avengers: Endgame Demand Is ‘Too Much’ For Cinemas To Handle


Another day, another Endgame article. Without the spoilers, of course.

It’s hard to ignore the hype surrounding arguably the most highly anticipated movie ever, as people all over the world rush to cinemas to see what fate awaits the Avengers.

In fact, it turns out so many people are making their way to cinema screens across the globe that cinemas are battling to handle it. No, seriously.

With Avengers:Endgame breaking the all-time record for an opening night in the box office upon its release, the film was never going to be a flop. Earning $60 million on Thursday night alone, Endgame exceeded all expectations as Marvel fans flocked to see it, ComicBook reports.

But the huge number of people going to watch the film has reportedly become too much for some cinemas to handle, as one theatre manager has claimed they are not equipped to handle this kind of business.

Michael Colpitts, Deputy General Manager at Regal Cinemas, posted to social media yesterday (April 27) to reveal the true extent of the toll such business is having on cinemas like the one he works at.

The theatre manager emphasised that while he ‘loves’ Avengers: Endgame as a movie lover, he hates it as a movie theatre manager.

Colpitts wrote:

I love Avengers: #Endgame as a movie lover. I hate, hate, hate it as a movie theater [sic] manager. We just simply are not equipped to handle this kind of business, and it’s killing us. Not enough staff. Not enough registers. Not enough ovens. Not enough space for queues. It’s insane.

I’d never really thought about it from the cinema’s perspective but now that I am, it’s making me realise how much I would hate to work there right now. Just the thought of the queues alone is enough to put me off.

People immediately began replying to Colpitts, with many calling cinema staff like himself ‘heroes’ and ‘the real MVPs’ for working this weekend.

Soon enough, people who had watched the film started to agree with the manager, referring to how busy the cinema was when they went to watch it.

And it isn’t just those from Colpitt’s area who have experienced this; people all over social media are confirming just how busy cinemas have gotten in the film’s opening days – including other people who have been working.

Well, there you have it. If you’re heading to a cinema this weekend, make sure you do everything you can to look out for those manning the tills and showing you to your seats.

They might be having the day from hell.

You can now (finally) watch Avengers: Endgame in cinemas.

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