Avengers: Endgame Predicted To Pass Avatar As Highest Grossing Film Ever

by : Tim Horner on : 05 May 2019 09:30
avengers endgame set to break avatar highest opening recordavengers endgame set to break avatar highest opening recordMarvel Studios/20th Century Fox

Experts have predicted that Avengers: Endgame will pass James Cameron’s Avatar as the highest-grossing film ever.


Flying faster than Mjölnir through the face of some indistinct alien critter, faster than the latest spec Iron Man suit, the 22nd film and culmation of the Infinity Saga is set to break the biggest record of them all.

I mean yeah, all those feels, the deep investment in character development over a decade-long narrative arc, the whole spectacle of the advancements of what’s possible on the silver screen, take a back seat. This film’s making serious bank!

Avengers: Endgame Director's Cut Features Even Longer Final BattleAvengers: Endgame Director's Cut Features Even Longer Final BattleMarvel Studios

It recorded a billion dollar opening. You could say it’s almost inhuman.


According to Bloomberg, industry forecaster Wade Holde, who works for Kagan, S&P Global Market Intelligence, has predicted that Endgame will unseat the 2009 sci-fi classic Avatar as the highest-grossing of all time.

To do so, Endgame will have to rack up at least another $1 billion in box office revenue globally in the coming weeks.

True story: I watched it on opening night. There were people sat around me making orgasmic yelps at the action. If anything it was a little unconfortable and I was probably a bit craggy from being at work all day and then sitting in an 11.30pm screening. The viewing experience was akin to going to a late night cinema with people making sex noises around you, but with a different kind of action on the screen. I’ll be going again to get a less socially uncomfortable viewing experience.

Marvel Studios

The Marvel film brings to a close the events which began in Iron Man all those years ago; the assembly of the Avengers over 21 films and their battle against archnemesis Thanos and his universe-destroying plans.

The excitement for the sequel has been building ever since Infinity War left us in existential despair in April last year, and trailers, interviews and rumours about the new film have only served to raise the hype over the past year.

As reported by CNBC, Avengers: Endgame has raked in $1.2 billion in just five days of screening globally.

It is the fastest a film has ever reached the billion dollar mark, blowing Avengers: Infinity War out of the water – the 2018 hit took $641 million in its opening weekend, a record that now looks paltry in comparison.


While the lengthy runtime of the sequel, which stands at 3 hours and 58 seconds, means cinemas can’t fit as many viewings into their schedule, but that’s had little effect on its popularity.

Someone get this man a day off. I need to get myself to a second screening.

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