Avengers Fans Notice Captain America Error In Endgame’s Final Battle


Avengers Fans Notice Captain America Error In Endgame's Final BattleMarvel Studios

Eagle-eyed Avengers fans have picked up on a continuity flaw in the final battle of Avengers: Endgame.

Given its popularity, it’s unsurprising that avid fans spend hours pouring over every scene, which inevitably leads to any little errors being picked up along the way.


The flaw was picked up by a fan and shared to Reddit, and has been doing the rounds on social media.

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In the final battle, Captain America (Chris Evans) can be seen getting ready to throw his Vibranium shield in a bid to take down Thanos and his unholy army in a wide shot.

This wouldn’t mean anything, except for the fact just moments prior Cap’s shield had been cut into two, and he had to use Thor’s hammer to get into the fight.


Either Steve went back in time to retrieve his unbroken shield or a VFX supervisor left the shield in by mistake.

Avengers Fans Notice Captain America Error In Endgame's Final BattleMarvel Studios

It’s only a small slip up, but in terms of continuity, it makes absolutely zero sense for the shield to suddenly be whole again as the battle scene continues to build.

Fortunately, the scene is frantic enough the vast majority of people wouldn’t even notice – but that’s not the only continuity error which can be spotted in the movie.


Meanwhile, Chris Evans has been busy speaking to Paul Rudd about his role in the iconic movie, and what it means to him to be a role model to children.

Chris Evans Captain AmericaMarvel Studios

‘You know, it’s yeah a little bit [freak out]. But that’s so nice. I dunno about you but I grew up with Star Wars and I had certain characters that just meant the world to me. We live in a much different time now. When I was young, the celebrity was far away. And actors were only accessible through their work,’ he said as per ComicBook.

‘Now, you have this other channel where you can offer more of who you are, which is a tricky tightrope to walk, but it is nice to be able to share a little bit extra. Especially playing a character I respect so much and trying to you know create this nexus between the work you do and the impact you may want to have on kids. It’s so nice when a kid looks up to you.’


Now, who can *really* moan about a bit of shield incontinuity?

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    Captain America Fan Notices Major Avengers: Endgame Mistake in Final Battle

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