‘Avengers In The 90s’ Goes Viral And The Choices Are Perfect

Poster for Infinity WarMarvel Studios

Unless you’ve been living on Vormir the last week or so you may have heard of a little movie called Infinity War that’s been tearing up the box-office.

The latest movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe tells the story of Thanos, a concerned environmentalist, who wants to save the universe from a looming Malthusian catastrophe.

Unfortunately for the universe, his solution to the problem involves wiping out half of all sentient life using a cosmic superweapon, known as the Infinity Gauntlet which bestows upon its wielder god-like power.

Thanos holds the tesseract in Infinity WarMarvel Studios

To stop the Mad Titan the Avengers must assemble once again but this time they’re bringing literally every superhero who’s appeared in an MCU film in the last decade.

So you’ve got your staples, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk and Black Widow but you’ve also got Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

If you’ve not seen it we recommend it, it’s a pretty great film if you’re a fan of superheroes, but we’ve been thinking to ourselves ‘how can you make the film even better’?

Still from Avengers: Infinity WarMarvel Studios

After all, nothing’s perfect, is it?

Well, the majority of our newsroom grew up in the nineties so we think we’ve got a pretty decent idea how to improve the film, replace all the actors with the movie stars we grew up with.

It seems we weren’t the only people to have the idea though. The Instagram artist houseofmat thought the same and went one step further than us and actually photoshopped a load of nineties icons into the Avengers: Infinity War Vanity Fair shoot.

We think he was pretty spot on with the casting as well!

Well, we do in most cases we’ve got two major problems.

The first is Leonardo DiCaprio as Captain America, no offence houseofmat but back in the nineties Leo was nothing but a young pup and far too young to portray an experienced battle commander like Cap.

Oh sure he’s got Steve’s blonde barnet but we’re not quite sure he could carry the role back then, instead he’d be better suited for a character like Spider-Man.

Afterall Leo’s best mate Tobey Maguire actually played the wall-crawler, so we think he’d be better suited to the role of Peter Parker. Which leads us to our second concern Michael J Fox as Spider-Man.

No offence Michael but it’s going to be a no from us, why? Again because you’re too old.

Spider-Man Homecoming posterSony Pictures

The rest of the nineties Avengers are pretty spot on though. Our favourites have got to be Tom Cruise as Iron Man and Keanu Reeves as Doctor Strange though.

Tom Cruise because he was rumoured to be in line to play the part back in the nineties, a rumour he’s since denied, and Reeves because he’s got that otherworldly charm that anyone playing Stephen Strange needs.

It helps of course that Keanu Reeves appears to be immortal, presumably through some form of unique Hollywood mysticism or capricious use of the Time Stone fixed him in time.

Which of the nineties Avengers is your favourite?

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