Baby Yoda Is Evil And The Evidence Is Breaking Fans’ Hearts

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 19 Dec 2019 12:14
Baby Yoda Is Evil And The Evidence Is Breaking Fans' HeartsBaby Yoda Is Evil And The Evidence Is Breaking Fans' HeartsDisney+

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but our beloved Baby Yoda might not be as cute and innocent as we thought. The seventh episode of The Mandalorian shows a darker side to our tiny, green, doe-eyed friend – spoilers ahead. 

Just to cover my arse, I repeat: SPOILERS AHEAD.


The adorable Baby Yoda has won over the hearts of the world but in episode seven, The Reckoning, he does something no one would expect.

Baby Yoda, aka The Child, randomly Force chokes Cara Dune. The episode then ends on a cliffhanger, with Baby Yoda captured and Mando and Cara overwhelmed by Gideon and his legion of Death Troopers. Yes, I am also questioning everything in life now too.

Baby Yoda Is Evil And The Evidence Is Breaking Fans' HeartsBaby Yoda Is Evil And The Evidence Is Breaking Fans' Hearts20th Century Fox

There are several theories behind Baby Yoda’s shocking actions.


One fan’s theory is Baby Yoda was cloned from the actual Yoda, or that Gideon in fact plans to clone Baby Yoda to create his own troop of some kind. Their reasoning for this theory is that Baby Yoda was given to Dr. Pershing earlier in the season for ‘extracting the necessary material’.

On the other hand, The Hollywood Reporter dismisses the theory Baby Yoda is a clone, as they argue the Force actually ‘comes naturally’ to our tiny friend.

There's A Petition To Apple To Make Baby Yoda An EmojiThere's A Petition To Apple To Make Baby Yoda An EmojiDisney+

Their theory suggests there is no way The Child is a clone of Master Yoda, and that his abilities in the Force actually come naturally. This is because, before we see The Child’s Force healing abilities, Kuill says the little green guy isn’t a product of cloning or genetic engineering. Kuiil himself is familiar with the technique thanks to his time within the Empire, and there’s no reason for us not to trust him.


So, if Baby Yoda isn’t an evil clone out to get everyone, why did he attempt to kill Cara? Well, one fan on Twitter thinks that Baby Yoda knows something about Cara that Mando doesn’t…

They said: 

Why was Baby Yoda force-choking Cara? Mando said “Cara is my friend!”, but Baby Yoda was shaking his head in response to that. Did he sense something?


Despite people’s reservations about how genuine Baby Yoda is, most fans are still backing him and worrying about his welfare following the dramatic ending of the seventh episode. Some have even threatened to cancel their Disney+ subscriptions if anything happens to him.

Episode eight – the final episode of the hit series – will air on Friday December 27, when Baby Yoda’s fate will be revealed…

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