Bad Boys 3 Star Will Smith Shares First Video From Set


The boys are back – and this time in Boomerang form – as Will Smith shares the first look at Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett from the Bad Boys 3 set

After years of anticipation the third instalment of the franchise finally started filming earlier this month, and it seems the actors are just as excited to share their progress as we are to hear about it.

Almost immediately after filming began we got a glimpse of Smith’s character as a behind-the-scenes video was shared on a fan Instagram account.

The short snippet shows our main man looking pretty suave as Detective Lowrey, dressed all in black, complete with some fresh shades, a snazzy watch and, considering it’s Will Smith in a big Hollywood movie, some likely very expensive accessories.

Check it out here:

While it was exciting, the post only gave us a look at one half of the dream team, with Marcus Burnett, aka Martin Lawrence, yet to make an appearance.

But just a few short weeks later fans have been treated to a Bad Boys post from Smith himself, and it’s everything fans could have wished for.

Complete with some kick-ass music to really set the scene, the actor shared a post of himself and Lawrence with guns at the ready, badges on display, and a hard stare which could crack even the most notorious of criminals.

Well, if they don’t burst out laughing first, as it looks like they could at any moment.

Smith captioned the photo “FIRST LOOK! Theeeeey’re BAAAAaaaack! :-) @badboys’

Check it out here:

The 50-year-old previously revealed Bad Boys 3, also known as Bad Boys For Life, would be released on January 17, 2020, so they better get a move on if they want to finish filming with enough time to put all the special effects in and really make the action come alive.

Here’s hoping for some exaggerated explosions in the upcoming feature!

In order to get themselves back in the mindset of the detectives, Smith revealed he and Lawrence spent the weekend before filming began watching the first two Bad Boys films:

With 16 years of added experience under their belt since the Bad Boys 2 release, I’m sure the two actors will come back better than ever.

According to That Hashtag Show, the synopsis for the new film reads:

The film will see Lawrence’s character Marcus Burnett working as a private eye after a falling out with Smith’s Mike Lowery, who is going through a midlife crisis as a bachelor who finally wants to mature, all while dealing with a new a young and cocky partner who is loyal to Lowery but that loyalty is not reciprocated, and finds bond with Burnett when he returns to the fray.

It continues:

Lowery and Burnett are brought together again when a lean, mean, skilled, Albanian mercenary with a vendetta puts a death order on Lowery and Burnett for the death of his brother.

Now the two must work together once again to bring him down. The films budget is set at over $100 million so expect loads of car chases and explosions.

I think Bad Boys fans can really start getting excited now we’ve finally had a good look at Mike and Marcus all suited and booted!

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