Batman Forever Extended Cut Has Bruce Wayne Face Off With Giant Bat

by : Cameron Frew on : 10 Jul 2020 17:46

Batman Forever Extended Cut Has Bruce Wayne Face Off With Giant BatWarner Bros.

Somewhere, in the depths of Warner Bros., a 170-minute ‘Schumacher Cut’ of Batman Forever exists. 

Pre-Nolan and Snyder’s gritty caped crusader, Batman’s tone was all over the place. Tim Burton’s vision of the character was dark but quintessentially ‘nuts’, lurking in the shadows of a misty, towering Gotham filled with penguins and Prince.

Then came the neon. Joel Schumacher’s 1995 Batman Forever spelled trouble for the hero, with its pantomimic, campy theatrics and luminescent colours inspiring the calamitous Batman and Robin. However, once upon a time, there was a ‘more serious’ version of the film – one that featured Bruce Wayne (Val Kilmer) facing down a giant human-sized bat.


Check out the deleted scene from Batman Forever, which features Bruce and the big bat:

Last week, Castle Rock writer Marc Bernardin tweeted: ‘I have it on VERY good authority that a 170-minute cut of Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever exists. Warner Bros. is unsure if there’s any hunger for what was described to me as a much darker, more serious version. So, should WB #ReleaseThe20000Cut?’

In the fallout of Schumacher’s death on June 22, as well as the recent hysteria around Zack Snyder’s Justice League – the result of a fervent campaign – Batfans are now focusing their efforts on seeing the original cut of Batman Forever.


In addition to Bernardin’s source, Variety reported that a source close to the film’s production has confirmed a longer assembly cut does exist, at a whopping 170 minutes long – a huge difference compared to the 129-minute theatrical version.

This cut allegedly opens with a sequence featuring Two-Face (Tommy Lee Jones) escaping from Arkham Asylum, before he shoots Batman in the head, leaving him with temporary amnesia. Reportedly, there’s also extra scenes with the Riddler (Jim Carrey), including one where he invades the Batcave and uses his iconic cane as a weapon.

The Riddler Two-FaceWarner Bros.
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However, the most fascinating scene of all is a sequence featuring Bruce’s emotional struggles, reportedly a much stronger theme throughout the longer cut. In it, he reads his father’s diary in a cave, prompting a panic attack as the trauma of his parents’ murder rushes back.

That fear then manifests itself as a huge bat, with the pair staring off until Alfred interrupts. When Bruce walks out of the cave, he says confidently with a smile: ‘I’m Batman.’

Batman Forever Human-Sized Bat Deleted SceneWarner Bros.

Representatives for Warner Bros. said there’s no plans or discussions regarding releasing the longer version, with concerns over whether all the footage has even survived the past 25 years.


However, if the Snyder Cut proved one thing, it’s that DC fans don’t give up that easy. Prepare to hear about this Forever.

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