Behind The Scenes Secrets Revealed For Filming The Perfect Car Crash

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Behind The Scenes Secrets Revealed For Filming The Perfect Car CrashAlamy/@ethan_ravens/TikTok

A TikToker has revealed some of the behind-the-scenes secrets to creating an effective movie car crash.

The slamming brakes; the clunking, rattling inner components; the smashed windshields; the flip up into the air; and eventually, a huge explosion. We all love a good car crash.


It’s partly why we keep coming back to watch the Fast and Furious saga. It’s why Casino Royale‘s world record-breaking Aston Martin DB9 crash (it flipped seven times in total) had us hooked. It’s also why Final Destination 2‘s harrowing opening is the best of the series.


Ethan Ravens (@ethan_ravens) regularly posts videos pulling back the curtain on the filmmaking process to his TikTok account. In his most recent clips, he showed the secrets behind assembling a car crash on set.

‘Hey I’m on a film set and we’re crashing some cars today,’ he says. ‘I was wondering why they needed a forklift to put the crash cars in position instead of just driving it… and it turns out a lot of these cars don’t actually have engines.’


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While stunt drivers take control of the cars and crash them in some instances, in Ethan’s case, they use a long metal cable to ‘snap’ the cars together so they collide, eliminating any risk factor.

In a further video, he explains how the special effects department uses smoke machines so it looks like the crash has just happened. ‘They also use rubber ice on the hood of the cars to sell the idea that the crash shattered the windshield, even though it didn’t,’ Ethan adds.

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