‘Best Episode Of Jeremy Kyle Ever’ Sends Social Media Into Meltdown


Game of Thrones may get all the praise, but real drama aficionados know that Jeremy Kyle is the only place for top quality telly. 

Fans of the controversial daytime show have called the latest disastrous episode the ‘best ever’, after two grandmas got into a fight while in their wheelchairs, defending their squabbling daughters.

And of course what’s drama without a bit of romance, with one guest proposing to his girlfriend in the middle of the scrap, the Mirror reports.

Viewers were loving the drama, with one going so far as to say: “I just watched the best episode of Jeremy Kyle ever.”

Poor Jezza was struggling to keep his guests under control when the elderly mum of guest Angie, Marian – who reportedly ‘nearly flattened’ a member of his crew in her motorised wheelchair – began heckling Gina, a fellow guest who was arguing with Angie over her boyfriend Glenn. Obviously…

Unfortunately for Jeremy she wasn’t the only wheelchair menace in the studio, and Gina’s mum wheeled herself on stage to defend her daughter’s honour.

She screamed: 

Don’t talk to my daughter like that otherwise you will have me to talk to!

Then things got even crazier, when Gina – livid that her nemesis Angie stormed on stage – threw herself at the other guest, before the security team were forced to rush in and pull the two women apart.

The chaos continued as Jeremy blasted Gina for lashing out and made her apologise, but she then made a startling allegation that Angie had been sending her racist messages about her mixed race children.

Jeremy then rounded on Angie saying she was ‘vile’, and the warring women moved backstage, where Angie was joined by her partner Glenn, who was the cause of all the fighting.

To top it off Glenn then pulled out a ring and asked Angie to marry him, because timing is everything.

And fans loved the drama, taking to Twitter to have their say:

Most people seemed confused by the proposal…


Yep, just another day on the Jeremy Kyle Show