Big Brother Didn’t Show You This Serious Medical Emergency

by : Tom Percival on : 18 Aug 2016 15:46
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Celebrity Big Brother bosses have been accused of ‘covering up’ a serious medical incident that happened in the house this week. 


Samantha Fox, a former Page 3 model, reportedly had a ‘full blown’ panic attack which was so serious that medical professionals were called in to treat her.

Showing more taste and decency than I would have expected, the show’s bosses decided not to broadcast the incident out of concern for her health, The Mirror reports.

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The 50-year-old woman was allegedly called to the diary room, as TV bosses grew ‘concerned’ for her health, a source told The Daily Star.


Their anonymous source went on to say:

Sam was not well at all. She had a full-blown panic attack. It got pretty serious and they were genuinely concerned.

Medics were sent in to make sure she was OK and not at serious risk. They even had to give her medication to help her calm down.

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Heavy D, who I’m led to believe is a celebrity, had already confirmed that Sam was struggling being cooped up in the house, explaining:

Sam moans a lot. It’s hard to tell if she really means it or she just likes a moan. But she is finding it difficult. She’s missing her mum.

Samantha struggling with homesickness probably explains why Big Brother let Sam’s mum into the house on Wednesday, in a reunion that left the other housemates in tears.

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