Big Brother To Finally Be Taken Off Air

by : Francesca Donovan on : 25 Aug 2017 17:28
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Big Brother could finally be taken off air, if the Big Boss at Channel 5 – and the desperate pleas of an audience alienated – are anything to go by.


After 18 years killing the British public’s brain cells, the show’s popularity has declined ever since the D-list alleged celebrities got their dirty, money-grabbing paws all over the format, and Marnie Simpson et al turned the house into a soft-porn set.

Now, Channel 5 boss Ben Frow has a decision to make. Big Brother’s deal with Channel 5 expires at the end of 2018 and sources say he is far from keen to spend millions on the reality series with falling raitings.

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Frow said:


I would be much happier with a channel that didn’t have Big Brother on it.

I love the ratings but I want to create our own programmes.

Big Brother was acquired from Channel 4 the year before Frow came into the top job at their television rival. Besides Blind Date, it’s the only non-original programming Frow oversees, reports the Mirror.

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A source added:

Big Brother is not one of Ben’s babies so he does not feel as passionately about it as some other projects.

There is also the fact that it has lots of controversy and lots of cost which used to be balanced by the fact it had big ratings and was good for advertising, but that is not as true in 2017 and it has less impact each year.

It is not must see TV anymore as it used to be a decade ago.

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The ratings for Big Brother have nosedived this summer thanks attentions turning to the Love Island. The 18th series of BB averaged 877,000 viewers in July, down massively on last year’s 1.2 million.

And Love Island might be back this winter to rub it in Big Brother‘s over-tanned and over-exposed face.


The so-called celebrity series airing now opened to 1.8million viewers – the lowest ever for a celebrity series launch.

What started as a fascinating Orwellian social experiment slowly developed into a programme that took advantage of the country’s wonderfully unique fame wannabes, and has since descended into a stage on which professional nobodies can showcase their dying careers.

Good riddance.

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