Big Lebowski 2 Teased By Jeff Bridges In New Clip

by : Julia Banim on : 24 Jan 2019 18:11
The Big Lebowski could return.The Big Lebowski could return. PolyGram Filmed Entertainment

It’s nearly impossible to believe it has been over two decades since we were first introduced to Jeffrey ‘The Dude’ Lebowski, the slacker hero of The Big Lebowski.


The Coen brother’s cult classic is still as uniquely surreal and hilarious as it was in 1998, topping many a list of films you could watch over and over again while still enjoying the wit and weirdness.

But have you ever wondered what White Russian fuelled escapades The Dude would be embroiled in as a chilled out bowler in his sixties?

It seems we may not have to wait long to find out. Keep a close eye on your toes because it seems we could well be returning to the hazy, lazy world of The Big Lewbowski.


At first you could be mistaken for thinking actor Jeff Bridges – who of course played The Dude – was simply sharing a clip from the iconic movie over Twitter.

The lighting and retro cinematography are all present and correct, as is The Dude’s admirably comfy jelly shoes and grubby PJ pants.

But then the camera pans up to reveal how his signature long hair and beard have turned a stately shade of silver, unveiling The Dude as he lives and breathes in the year 2019. And he apparently hasn’t changed one iota.

The Dude grins conspiratorially at the camera, and a tumbleweed blows past the screen, announcing a date of apparently great importance: 2.3.19. Could it be that The Dude still abides?

69-year-old Bridges captioned the tweet with characteristic casualness:

Can’t be living in the past, man. Stay tuned.

Fans quickly went wilder than The Dude’s hair at this mysterious hint, with some thanking Bridge profusely for ‘saving 2019’.


One person screamed:

I need to know what this means ASAP or i won’t be able to concentrate on anything for the rest of the day. Just a SB commercial? Tell me!

Another gushed:

I don’t know what this means or what this is, but I need it in my life. #TheDude

Others have slightly tamer reactions, expressing the simple wish that The Dude finally got his rug back.

Many fans have reasoned this could be a Super Bowl commercial – which might still be fun – noting how a high profile movie like The Big Lebowski 2 would probably not be made in secret.

However, others are keeping the faith that we could well be in for another feature length instalment in the life of The Dude, and already concerned with protecting the legacy of the original.


One optimistic person happy-panicked:

Ugggggggghhhhh I want to be excited but this is one of the best movies from two of the best directors of all time and I just … please don’t ruin it.

Another squeaked:

It it true? #TheDude Is it true? Don’t f*ck with me on this internet! A sequel…..

Whatever we’re in for come 2.3.19, it’s certainly good knowing The Dude’s still out there…

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