Big Mouth Just Announced A Valentine’s Day Special

by : Francesca Donovan on : 01 Feb 2019 17:59
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“Breaking News: Love is an illusion.”


It’s Valentime for Big Mouth to make an illustrious return to our small stream screens for a very, very special occasion in the land of love and puberty: Valentine’s Day.

The creators of the best sex education I’ve ever had are back to honour Cupid himself and debunk some romance myths for a one-off Valentine’s Day special titled My Furry Valentine.

You can watch the teaser below:


The teaser gives keen Big Mouth audiences the first glimpse of Nick’s new Hormone Monster, Connie, after it took the unlikely pair two seasons to find each other in the midst of teen angst.

New characters like Reese’s Wetherspoons, Coach Steve’s new girlfriend who, in his own words, ‘is things’, will be making an appearance… Because Steve is ‘The Man’!

Andrew gets a new persona which, thankfully, doesn’t involve being a pimp.

Jay Bilzerian, the in-house sexual innovator, appears to spend the evening romancing a pillow, true to form, and elsewhere there’s some snogging, slow dancing and romancing japes to be had by all.

There’s even a nod to When Harry Met Sally, one of film’s greatest romances, if you like that sort of cisgendered thing.

Gay, straight, single, coupled, whoever you are, this Valentine’s Day comedy is for you – honouring the two-season honoured tradition of Big Mouth, the best televised sex ed to come out of Netflix.

Sorry, Sex Education, you’re great too.


Fans have been left waiting and wanting ever since the end of season two.

We’ve been tantalised by the season three announcement, but the guys over at Netflix – plus Andrew Goldberg and Nick Kroll – have spunked their load early on this Valentine’s Day Special.

Here’s the season three announcement:

There will probably be some people who aren’t very happy about this simply fantastic TV news, because they’ve petitioned Netflix to remove Big Mouth, having dubbed its brand of humour ‘disgusting’ and likening it to ‘peadophilia pushing’.

They’re totally off the mark, but they’re not alone. Over 115,000 people have signed the Citizen Go petition to get Big Mouth cancelled, at the time of writing.

The petitioners, in simple terms, don’t want their kids watching Big Mouth.

Luckily, it’s a cartoon created by adults for adults, and rated TV-MA by the FCC thanks to its well-written ‘crude language’ and poignant ‘sexual situations’, which means it ‘may be unsuitable for children under 17′, rendering the naysayers’ efforts to ban it completely futile.

But, now that’s taken care of, their knee-jerk response is indicative of a wider societal stigma around open discussions about sexuality which Big Mouth goes a long way to debunk for its viewers.


Melissa Pintor Carnagey, Founder of Sex Positive Families, told UNILAD these fears can come from restrictive religious beliefs; sexual trauma; sensationalised portrayal of sex in media; and, the misguided belief that talking about sex with young people will lead to them wanting to have sex, ‘though research continues to prove this is untrue’.

Indeed, Pintor Carnagey, who teaches sex ed to tweens and teens in schools, says she wouldn’t recommend the show to under 16s who’re watching Big Mouth in secret with no other support for their questions related to sex.

But, for both teens and adults the show ‘takes the shame and silence out of sexual health’:

The show definitely speaks to our current generation of adults and parents who did not receive consistent or shame-free sex education growing up.

When adults take time to connect with their own early sexual health experiences, they can be more effective mentors for the young people in their lives who are needing support along theirs.

Can’t wait to see what they do with the societal shit show that is Valentines’s Day.

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