Blair Witch Escape House Opening Soon Looks Absolutely Terrifying

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 09 Jun 2021 17:40
Blair Witch Escape House Opening Soon Looks Absolutely TerrifyingHaxan Films/ Artisan Entertainment

If you like to scare yourself silly, then this new attraction could be right up your street.

The new escape house opening this year will be based on the indie horror classic, The Blair Witch Project.


The 1999 movie followed three students who look into the mystery surrounding the Blair Witch incidents and make their own documentary in the process. The film saw the trio venture into the woods and completely vanish after getting lost, leaving only their documentary footage behind.

Blair Witch ProjectArtisan Entertainment

Looking to open this summer, Jason Egan will design the highly anticipated attraction. Egan was also behind Lionsgate’s Saw Escape attraction in Las Vegas, where the Blair Witch escape house will also be based.

According to TheWrap, the house will be a re-creation of the movie’s creepy 100-year-old house in the woods, and will differ from most escape rooms because, rather than just having one room, the attraction will be made up of 10.


While having 10 rooms sounds like it be might too much to handle, they will all be in one structure and will take around an hour to fully complete.

Discussing his pending project, Egan told the publication, ‘I like to build up slowly and, towards the end, all hell breaks loose.’

An actor in costume will guide groups through the rooms to ensure they complete the rooms in the correct order. Egan added, ‘We are not going to stop people from seeing a finale.’

The Blair Witch Project movie (Artisan Entertainment)Artisan Entertainment

Jenefer Brown, Lionsgate’s EVP and head of Global Live, Interactive & Location Based Entertainment spoke of the high demand for horror-themed attractions.

She said, ‘We really think that it’s not only in Vegas, there’s a huge demand for horror. If you look at box office, horror movies were increasing in market share in the years prior to the pandemic… there’s a fan base with a penchant for horror.’

A date for Escape Blair Witch is yet to be announced, but it’s expected to open next month, TheWrap reports.

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