Blue Peter Might Be Finished After No One Watches Latest Episode

by : UNILAD on : 02 Jul 2017 16:08

A classic from our childhoods could be on its way out after a recent episode of Blue Peter failed to record a single viewer.


The repeat episode which was aired at 2.30pm on June 13, was watched by absolutely nobody and has now sparked fears for the longest-running children’s show, according to The Independent.

Around eight million used to tune into the children’s TV show, known for its presenter challenges, appeals and of course, its arts and crafts – not to mention those Blue Peter badges (never got one).


The classic show was first aired on the BBC way back in 1958 and was on as kids came home from school, in 2012, the show moved to CBBC instead.


But despite the fact nobody tuned in, the BBC is standing firm, branding Blue Peter a ‘national institution’.

CBBC controller Cheryl Taylor said:

I challenge any naysayers to check out last week’s enthralling episode on iPlayer if they have any doubts at all about its value and enduring appeal to the curious and clued-up CBBC audience.

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Apparently Blue Peter is right up there with roast beef on Sundays in the Beeb’s eyes.

Oh well, nothing gold can stay…

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    Blue Peter in danger as recent broadcast fails to record a single viewer