Box Office Flops That Unexpectedly Went On To Make Loads Of Cash


Just because a film’s good doesn’t mean it’s a successful film, as many an unfortunate filmmaker has discovered. 

In fact some of the best movies to come out of Hollywood in the last few years, while adored critically, performed about as well financially as a rather impoverished church mouse.

The fine folk over at Looper have put together a rather nifty and comprehensive video which lists some of the more surprising box-office flops.


From Donnie Darko, which grossed just under $7.3 million worldwide, to The Big Lebowski there’s a whole cavalcade of absolutely brilliant movies out there that failed to pay off at the cinema.

Thankfully though a lot of these movies managed to get something of a cult following following positive reviews and word of mouth, leading to them enjoying success on home media platforms.


Of course while it’s nice that these film’s went on to enjoy some degree of success we’re pretty sure that studios who bank rolled them would have preferred them to turn a profit.

Probably a good thing that they didn’t do too well, then they’d have tried to make a sequel…