Bradley Walsh Loses His Sh*t At ‘The Chase’ Question, Twitter Follows Suit

by : UNILAD on : 04 Apr 2016 18:30
ITV/The Chase

Bradley Walsh was once more sent into hysterics by a question posed on ITV’s The Chase last night.


In a celebrity edition of the popular quiz show, Scott Mills was playing to bring £3000 into the pot for charity, reports the Daily Mail.

BBC Radio One DJ Mills, who is no stranger to innuendo, was asked ‘In 2015, the third party U.S. Presidential candidate had what name?’

The options he had to choose from were ‘Doz Balls,’ ‘Deez Nuts’ and ‘Dem Plums’.


Walsh couldn’t believe the question, but the answer tipped him over the edge.

Twitter was already well aware of viral sensation ‘Deez Nuts’, but it didn’t stop users from enjoying the moment.


Unfortunately for the team of celebrities, which included Mills, actor Sunetra Sarker, boxer Anthony Ogogo and comedian Johnny Ball, they failed to evade ‘The Governess’ in the final chase and went home empty handed.

At least their efforts raised a few smiles in the name of charity.

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Daily Mail
  1. Daily Mail

    'Dem plums': The Chase viewers are left in hysterics as Bradley Walsh struggles to read three innuendo-laden answers before getting the giggles