Bradley Walsh’s New Show To Rival ‘The Chase’ Sounds Absolutely Brutal


Bradley Walsh has managed to land himself a new ITV game show, following the success of The Chase, and it sounds like absolute hell. 

Cash Trapped is based on one of Bradley’s original ideas, which has a rather bizarre twist – nobody leaves until somebody wins.

Launching next month, the show will include six contestants. They’ll go head-to-head in a series of quick fire question rounds where each player can try and sabotage other players by beating them to the buzzer and ‘trapping’ them out of the game.


The last round of each episode will see the contestant with the most cash battle it out against the others to take their winnings home. And as we mentioned earlier, no-one leaves the game until somebody wins.

So yeah, it’s daytime quiz show meets The Hunger Games.

An ITV statement explained:

If a contestant succeeds, they escape with all the cash they’ve built up, while their five opponents leave empty handed. However if they fail to escape their bank is drained and everyone else rolls their winnings over. Then they all remain ‘Cash Trapped’ until the next episode.


As a result, the contestant could be on the show for a day, the whole week or even several weeks. Basically, your employers need to be pretty chill while you battle it out for some serious dollar.

Speaking about the new show, Bradley said:

It was an idea I came up with in my dressing room about 10 years ago whilst in between scenes on a drama. I took the idea to Helen Warner last year and she hooked me up with my old pal Glenn Hugill who helped me knock it into shape. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!


Well if it gets as much reaction as The Chase, we’re sure you’re in for a right treat. Or a blood bath – either or…