Breaking Bad Fans Think Bryan Cranston Just Confirmed Walter White’s Return

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What are these cheeky chappies up to then?

Breaking Bad co-stars and all-round righteous dudes Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have both taken to social media to post identical, cryptic messages.

The pair both shared an image of two donkeys, captioned simply with the word ‘Soon’.

But what does it all mean? Are they just horsing around, showing us their asses? Or is the synchronised sharing on social media a clue to a forthcoming project like, say, the Breaking Bad movie?

As the photo shows, Cranston and Paul are clearly hinting at something, and while it could just be a stock photo of a couple of good-looking donkeys, it certainly wouldn’t look out of place in Breaking Bad‘s New Mexico desert setting. Also, drug mules, anyone?

We’ve all heard the hints and rumours that the film is happening, but confirmation of release, characters, plot or even a title have so far been kept tightly under wraps.

And while Bryan Cranston has said he’d be up for it, it wasn’t certain whether his character Walter White/Heisenberg would even appear – especially considering his fate in the final season of the show.

So far, this pair of asses – or drug mules perhaps – is the biggest hint we’ve had towards the Breaking Bad film, or the inclusion of both Jesse Pinkman and Walter White in a possible return.

Another clue was dropped when spinoff show Better Call Saul‘s showrunner, Peter Gould, tweeted to say he was ‘Looking forward to this.’

Naturally, fans went wild for Cranston and Paul’s asses.

Clearly overwhelmed by the image, one person asked: ‘What are they planning wtf’?

Helpfully, someone else replied:

It’s the sequel film of Breaking Bad.
Yes, Cranston will return too. We don’t know if in flashback or a sort of a ghost that torments Jessy mind.

(That’s if he ever really died…)

Another said:

I just hope he’s not like alive or something stupid like that, I’m fine if it’s flashbacks or in Jesse’s mind or whatever but don’t ruin the ending by having him survive.

While someone else attested:

welll we never really know if he died …he could of just passed out with blood loss ?? saved him then arrest him, maybe jesse helps him escape in the movie ? who knows, but either way, I Can Not wait

Fingers crossed for a Saul Goodman appearance too!

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